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Ever clear Four o'clock this afternoon. Got a couple hours to plan yet Miller Lite Oasis. Well, then you just heard from former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Who kind enough to join us, and we'll certainly talk to her. And I know Jeff and Steve and all of us at WTMJ. They're more than happy to talk to all the people that throw their hats in the ring. And that includes the governor himself in Tony Evers, of course. I see Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. What do you say? 85561616 20. It is the accurate mortgage talk and text line whether it's what you heard from her right there now is an official official official candidate. What you remember of her as our lieutenant governor what she's done over these last few years after, uh Tony Evers administration came in and defeating Scott Walker. I say you say I say Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch because, as each candidate announces their run for their respective primary, well, there's only going to be a Republican primary. We know but You have to think you have to ask yourself, Governor. Fill in the blank with that name, And is that someone that you would give consideration to just I say. Governor. Rebecca Kleefisch. You say What? 85561616 20 on the ACC unit Mortgage talking text line, 85561616 20. Your calls and your texts as we continue, Scott and for Jeff on Wtmj. This week on WTMJ camera. You.

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