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You guys can hurt each running and throwing the football and this was a guy that could have decided to leave but least just sit out and maybe even looked a transfer. When the season was postponed, but he like so many of the other players. Really took a public stance and trying to campaign for season two time helped push the issue for the big 10 to reconsider attempting to play and he certainly has shown not only what he did last night. That shone with his ability as a young man to help carry the messages. They've just shown What an impressive individual and a man snapping the ball to Justin Fields close personal friend of the chick stirs, but anyway, his family Josh Meyers, Miamisburg in Miamisburg High School, man really proud of this young man. And what a force he could be a center. Well, when you think about not only what he did last year, but what he could do this year. We're having why Davis next to him on guard, And you know, this is a team that lost but some key offensive lineman that have guys coming back not only just Josh Meyers, but why Davis Harry Miller, a true sophomore, who'll be the other guard spot their month who spent his early high school years of LaSalle High School before going to Mass alone. Nicholas Tea for air and they've got some young guys will help develop their certainly what Josh Meyers has done it representing, you know the part of the state that you call home and not also, Cincinnati. Guy's from my hometown is like, you know, when you think about Jake Hausmann for Moller, you think about it tight end to reverse from the partners from Shall you know those air guys? Tehran Cage on the offensive one from Winwood's terrorist Johnson. A Cincinnati true freshman who may get some serious. We're exploiting the offensive line. You know, you're in my part of the state are very well represented at Paul Kills with us The voice of the Buckeyes and Paul, you know, how is the pandemic impacted? You and your ability to see the team see the players. Be around them, and that's got to be difficult. We're not able to see anything. We're not able to be around that little weird. We're not able to do any in person. They're all by telephone or by zoom and it's going to make what we do A little more challenging, But you know everybody in this industry. The National Hockey League announcers, the NBA announcers, the red guys, Tommy throwing Jeff Brantley. They had to deal with doing Hopefully we're gonna have to look at doing that. With away games doing we're not travel. So you know there's gonna be some unique things about it, but don't be games and that's the most important thing. And how about your partner on the football broadcasts from Saint Henri, Ohio? I've been really hyping Mercer County and from Dark County and the Great Shelby County. It's ah, the high schools. Phenomenal. Well, Jim O'Shea will be glad to hear that somebody else. Lt Mercer camp, you know, unfortunate And this will be my 23rd year doing alive. Take him. It'll be his 24th season. He's a guy..

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