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Had to help try, to keep her speak talking and try to keep her, alive because you still need her. Anita here I can't I can't go where Cain had been shot in the spine the gunman Twenty nine year. Old Fazle Hussain injured others and killed an. Eighteen year old woman and ten. Year old girl before dying in an exchange of gunfire with police his parents. Say Hussein had a history of mental illness police say he wasn't connected to terrorists they haven't said where Hussein got the handgun for. Lots of people in Toronto that night at. The Danforth confirmed a troubling pattern gun. Deaths are increasing in the city, they've nearly doubled in the last four years there. Have been thirty. So far this year so the day after, the shootings at the Danforth, Toronto mayor John. Torrey wondered aloud why does anyone in this city needs to have a gun at all he's since asked prime minister Justin Trudeau to ban. Handguns in Toronto increase penalties for gun trafficking and do more to stop cross-border gun smuggling as I've said repeatedly this is. An international problem. And this is a domestic problem there far too many people. Carrying around Guns inner city and our region who should not have it's pretty normal for Canadians to have rifles handguns and automatics have. Only been. Getting popular recently the, number of them registered in Canada. Increased by a third from twenty twelve. To twenty sixteen now a million but that's still a small number compared to estimates of firearms in the US when he secures president of the coalition for gun control. And a professor at Ryerson university in Toronto. One of the challenges we have is that. Canadians Pat themselves on the back lot because we compare cells, to US and of. Course if you look at Chicago which is the same size as Toronto? Chicago had ten times as, many gun murders last year as we, did but I would argue we need to set our sights higher we. Should be looking elsewhere, for for standards not south, of the border there's another issue from south of the border many handguns Involved in crimes come from the states secure says historically. In Toronto about two thirds of hand guns used in crimes came from the US it would be great if, United States had better gun control because that would benefit all of us but the fact remains that a significant proportion of the guns that are misused originating Canada we need stricter. Controls on handguns we need a complete ban on military assault weapons we need stronger screening many Canadian handgun owners though. Argue more laws, and regulations won't solve the, problem because legal gun licence holders already, follow a lot of rules the Canadian coalition for firearm rights invited me, out to the Silverdale gun club about an hour south of. Toronto off a dirt road in a rural, area hey coalition member department. Helped me sign in with a woman at, the counter I have another guest I do yes so what is it that you? Actually do down there I evangelize apartment. Says he's evangelized about guns in Canada ever since he had an epiphany I like. To call it my road to Damascus. Moment because it was just everything everything changed about my perceptions of everything he says he'd been raised. And condition by, TV and movies to see guns as unsafe and criminal before years ago his. Wife got, him a gift certificate for a session with a, gun instructor pardon says once he understood how strict Canadian gun laws are especially compared to the. US he became convinced that owning, and shooting handguns is a safe hobby it's no different than playing hockey but it takes. A lot more than buying some equipment to start the sport of shooting pardon had. To complete a two day safety training. Course with written and practical exams. Then there was, a federal background check you have to provide spousal consent if you're married you have to provide names and contact. Information for,.

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