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Milwaukee public museum there's always something new to discover what will you find visit M. P. M. dot EDU slash discover your weather together that tends good morning Debbie Lesko eighty gene we get you some money for about a fourteen minute ride between the suit and downtown that's a seven minute back up list both sides at ten from downtown to visit another twelve than from the zoo to highway sixteen that all adds up to an extra five forty one south on sixty minutes a week you to the zoo cellphone forty three zero to the market you are at about forty minute right there so it's an extra two north from ninety four up from the airport from late navigator downtown right about twelve minutes so that's gonna be an extra five the traffic and weather together on the tents and other laws get WTMJ held up you I got contacts WTMJ five day forecast sunny cooler not as humid today seventy four partly cloudy today low of sixty sunny Friday Saturday and Sunday with highs in the seventies Monday showers thunderstorms and a high of eighty two in what the show right now it is sixty six degrees Milwaukee seventy eight W. T. M. J. first three sixty by the by that was sponsored by Wasco windows in weniger compressor if you're looking for something to do tonight I suggest burden for technical gardens are sick in the west in the winter concert series featuring the genie's today than a big blues jam next week it'll go beyond the usual eight thirty shipped on time it's going to go with the nine thirty each and everyone of the show's begins at six thirty Jimmy's are fasting because our lead guy Jimmy is a farmer fifth generation farmer from the Madison area and is just really good at playing music it's this jam band together every year and it's just a blast so if you can't stop on by I'll be your cordial host get the thing going at six thirty tonight no surprise when you look at that latest Forbes magazine list meanwhile of the highest paid actors Wayne Johnson's the highest paid male actor in the world Forbes reports the fast and furious presents Hans insure all star raked in eighty nine point four million dollars in the year ending June first whatever it takes Avengers endgame stars Chris Hemsworth Robert Downey junior take the second and third place spots respectively fellow Avengers Bradley Cooper Chris Evans and Paul Rudd also make the top ten Johnson was number two on last year's list with George Clooney taking the top spot Christopher Watson ABC news Johnson it's seven hundred thousand dollars per episode for HBO's ballers it's one of those things have wanted to dip into and just haven't done it yet it looks good yeah there's a deep pull stuff on HBO lost it I'm gonna find out next month when laid up but in the meantime yeah he does that he's got good too much to the.

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