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Get better it might take a little time it might take a little work but it absolutely can get better if they're willing to make that commitment to themselves and their kids and you've seen enormous transformations in people's lives because you've been doing it long enough right you've seen children who were terribly anxious in the early years grow up and be fairly non anxious adults zach correct absolutely kids were so overwhelmed by their anxiety that they would waste if you will five six eight hours a day being nonfunctional because of it now would say to me because were close and we form relationships and they come into town and like to say hi to me that they might have a little anxiety around the edges three or maybe five minutes noticing things but a little bit of anxiety is a good thing in essence it helps keep us on the right track it helps us modulate things and they get to the point where they are in control of their anxiety as opposed to their anxiety controlling them i love but there and charter there anxiety anxiety isn't in charge of them and it's really shrinking the beast isn't it it's the beast of anxiety the beast of depression or the beast of adhd it's all about helping the the child be in charge of the parent be in charge and shrinking that beast while sander this has been so helpful for me and i really feel like i've learned a lot about anxiety and kids as well and i'm so grateful that you came and educated us because so many times i think a one apparent sees anxiety or worries about in their child it triggers them to be afraid so they want to avoid it and your messages don't do that exactly deal with what your kid has you can deal with it you can help them deal with it and there is excellent treatment and you think you can help them get through this and get passed this and um i just appreciate all your expertise and how beautifully you articulate an advocate for kids so sanders this has just been a wonderful and theory i opening session.

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