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No he's clearly dealing with a variety of issues in his life and he's not addressing them and instead of dealing with wrong internally he's looking externally to blame others that's what this is very simple psychoanalysis here you got issues dude go address i'm told i mean this in the most loving and helpful way you should go see but therapist and start addressing them you'll be more more at peace with the world around you i mean that this dangerous territory yeah by the way rene duress to who researches computation propaganda and his policy lead at data for democracy wrote ilan's next custom company rate my professor but for journalists what a great idea that won't be gamed immediately in extremely predictable ways so there's according to cnn cba vdi yonathan i i'm so sorry if i just butchered your name cba media studies professor at university of virginia told cnn such a service might make sense if it employed a careful methodology and was overseen by independent journalism foundation yeah but alon is really independent he can't handle any criticism i'm blocked because i point out certain facts factual problems that are going on it's like consumer reports off all fake no because they didn't like my breaks and controls on the model three just what you need another thinskinned oligarch insurance in charge of journalism how's that m serious how's that can work out not so good brat not so good well it's me news organization was already rated right what's that they're already rated through ratings.

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