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He'll right. And that's what we have. We have two different. He said we have two different teams. That was just quote, we have two different teams. How do you win with two different teams you need one? It's different now. And the dodger fan are soul loyal Bill. You have conversation. There would be three million at the stadium. No matter what their fans are traveling all over to go and check them out, and they're rider die with their team such their expectation level is so high and it should be because they've given their heart and soul to this team. And they you know, they deserve a championship. More than anybody. They deserve that championship after thirty years in ownerships gotta figure out a way to I mean, you've gotta figure this. Is not working do something else. Yeah. You know? And there was actually interesting story that somebody emailed me remote me for. It was in the Boston Globe a couple years ago in the right Red Sox got knocked out and actually came from one of their owners who was interviewed by the globe. And he said, you know, what we need to we became over reliant on Anna lyrics, and we need to kind of just back Henry. Yeah. I think it was Tom Henry. Henry John I think it was one of those guys warranty. He was it was it was there is no Tom Henry, John. Yeah. But as one of those guys in. Yeah, you know, and they've kinda you kinda they you see that. Right. They invested a lot of money and a guy like J D Martinez, who you know. Right after the ankle thing wasn't as effective, but you saw in game one. He will even THEO Epstein when with the cubs. He's one of the first guys analytics such young GM team had a regular lab out there. Yeah. Chris Ryan Rizzo Addison Russell have your by name right now. Right and Hayward. And then they right. And so you got like the nice base there the owner, then they went out. And right added a guy like John Lester who cost one hundred you know, and the dodgers had an opportunity, right? They had you know, Scott Boris most reminded so this every time we see him. They could have had max sherzer could Jake Arrieta. They had you know, they could have had a rotation values can have sherzer. I mean well. Dylan. Many male. We have to write a calm saying coulda had Scherzer. They would've had one year of Grank. He Kershaw answer. Right. And then when Grank you left, you still would have had or Kershaw. But that's not kind of the way they do it..

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