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These like fifties or early sixties kind of like housewives and so i'm constantly or or even that premarital sex might be seen as bad but like that there's so many characters at an especially typified by holly golightly but just in a lot of these older movies there's so many female characters whose motivations are sex or who like are having sex and when i started watching old movies i was really surprised by that because it's today seen as such a thing like women like movies where women are sexual are like given like a standing ovation and i'm like but we've been doing this i don't know why like we have this i think people haven't watched a lot of these old movies so they see it a certain way and they think that this movie is about like a upscale woman in a tr who just buys things from tiffany's and they haven't watched it so they don't know that it's actually about like class and trauma and like sex work and you know all these things that she doesn't buy anything from tiffany she no purchase she doesn't even eat breakfast inside in fact this is the first time tiffany's allowed anyone to film inside a tiffany he's oh no that's cool so yes so i just and i we never we almost never see male sex workers treated with respect or like you know male sex workers who are with women although i guess that show hung but like who's wow if i got that right that'd be well and so i just think it's surprising like maybe i'm giving it to maybe i'm gonna give it three nipples and maybe i'm giving it to many peoples because i was just so shocked by how chill the movie was about so many things yeah and for its era and how like misunderstood it is by like anyone who's ever had a poster of it in their dorm room it is thomas shamefully wow guys take me on your trivia team i know so much useless stuff and so i think it's trying as hard as it can four it's time i will give it negative five thousand nipples for mickey rooney and i can't even begin to imagine what they were thinking i guess they thought it was it was a comic relief even racism aside which it never is but it.

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