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I suspect we have two things in Oklahoma. We have athletes and cattle. So athletics is a big thing in that state. I mean, it is from football to football. You know, I grew up in this little town and it and it's kind of a crappy town. In all fairness, this look crappy town. And we had a golf course. We had a country club, actually, and it was $35 to join. You can't join twin for fitness for what My mom paid for us to join the country club, so I just picked up a club. Held it like a baseball bat, and I was hitting it further and better than most adults. The first time I picked up a club Was seven years old, had three clubs. I had a 75 and they nine iron No better not then. Eventually got one kick A man works, right? Well, when did you tell yourself no to golf? When did you say yes to media? Oh, gosh, in Chicago. 1988. If you must know the place in the date because I remember I was an internship at Cat's communications. We love cat. I saw your eyes just then I worked for this wonderful woman, a Maryland moss and I loved it. I loved advertising. I loved media. I love the challenge of it. And you know, Gulf was one of those things that you've been playing since you were seven and in 19 what I say 88. I was Hair from was around 20 ish. That's like a You could be a cop for that long and retire After that, You know, it's like this government jobs that are shorter length and build time I played golf, so I think it was just my cycle was done. Did you get from that moment? Here you are. Today I transferred to s m u and Alice. Why? Because it felt like a better education for me. So I went from University, Oklahoma, which was a full golf scholarship, and then I feel like I really needed to actually learn. There's something new and not just have a playoff. So I went to ask him you and my senior year at S. M U Lanier. Tamerlan, who formally Bozell Dallas was named after was a professor. They kind of put me out of the class. And then from there, where then I met my now wife, Suzanne. We've been together 26 years. Congratulations. Thank you. And We decided that we need to live a little freer and have some liberation. So we moved to San Francisco and had the time of our lives. It was so much fun. Oh, my gosh, and I worked at that agencies. I worked at a small shop called Winkler McManus. I worked at foot kind of building and then I ended up running the Hewlett Packard business globally for about it. Maybe decade. Sounds about right. That was quite a undertaking. I don't think I slept for a dam and the go go years of fuel, a Packard and that Carly years the big spending years those were fun. And then that brought me to Los Angeles, where I pitched the 20 century Fox business, actually, on behalf of the agency and very quickly like within a year by client had decided to move on and went back to the research side of things. And they asked me to join, so I did. Then here I sit with you. Wow, that's pretty amazing. A great journey. Keep listening. You can hear the rest of this podcast and all of its episodes and discovered thousands of others. All available to you for free right now by downloading the I heart radio app number one for podcasts. Here's a preview of a podcast that will make your team the winner at the next trivia night. It's hard core history. If I asked you to get a piece of paper Something to write with. And to make a new miracle list of all the things That you would be willing to die for. How long is your list? What's on it. I mean, this is kind of an exercise and you run into these things elsewhere. I'm sure a sort of a clarify your life and priorities exercise. Another one I've heard is go write your own obituary now. You can see how that might help you get a sense of old Gee, this is what I'd like to be someday. And here's how far I am from that now and sort of help You figure out how you're doing. What would you be willing to die for? Question is a priority question helps you sort of figure out one of the most important things to me. And if you think about List like that. I mean, I think we probably all have pretty similar things, at least at the top of the list. Wouldn't we mean wouldn't loved ones beyond that list right near the top. Would be willing to die for my wife and Children or parents. I have to believe that's pretty common in any era in history. And then likely something on that list near the top would be possessions of one kind or another. Land comes to mind right off the top of my head. This farm has been in my family for three generations. I would give my life for it. The number of conflicts that were land ownership based since time immemorial is uncountable, Isn't it pretty common? Other kinds of possession. You might think of this like money. How long down on your list, though, does it go before you get to things? That are a little harder to get your hands on, tangibly. I mean, where is something like freedom on your list? And it's funny because if you go and look all throughout human history, there are slogans like New Hampshire's state model, which is live free or die. Are you going? When you look at like revolutionary friends and all these other movements throughout history and some form of give me liberty or give me death? Live free or die is on the list of people willing to give their own lives. Based on the idea that an unfree life isn't worth living. So willing to die for a concept But the concept that means everything when you talk about your day to day life, and we should point out that freedom has always meant different things to different people. Has been different things in different eras. Two big definitions you run into is the obvious one. Freedom is my right to personal control and autonomy and sovereignty. The other one, though, is a political sort of freedom that says, as long as no outside people or power or state or entity is controlling my people, then we're free. We may live in a dictatorship, but it's our dictatorship that kind of thing. So freedom involves freedom from outside control. Let me change the Parameters of our little question, though, here for a minute. One of instead of giving your own life and what you would be willing to die for. A new list is.

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