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Of children were traumatized with anyone held accountable ice EROs Asher saying no border patrol chief provos, I'm not aware. So it's basically what you just put up there sick. And they they they were unaware. I'm sorry. I I don't believe that if they were unaware, that's that's a crime it is a crime, and they had to have been aware. Yeah. I couldn't agree. More just when you playing that club. So you played it. 'cause I didn't get to hear it. You know live. Well, just and good for good for George. Yup. Anyway, here's something from USA today that was tweeted and ice Berg. Yeah. The size of New York City is about to break off Antarctica says NASA amazing. Yeah. But there's no there's no there's no climate change. There's no. No. And how how was that snow, by the way Laffy? Well, you know on we I I have to correct. A lot of the reports I've heard we do get snow in LA every few decades. I've never been in the early nineties late eighties. We had snow in the fan Fernando Valley. And when I say snow, maybe an inch in writing with it makes no balls. But you know, that's it. And it did apparently snow out here where I am in of course, in other places in Los Angeles, even Malibu. Yeah. I never saw it. I think it was just that they were snowflakes, but for some people there were my friends and NASA lives not far far from you in west hills. She posted a picture out of her back door, and there was snow on the ground. I think it was a colder in the San Fernando Valley. And and that's where I used to live. That's where I had snow exactly does happen. It's it does happen around here from time to time. Yes. Climate change. But also just fly in Phoenix. There was snow in Las Vegas. I mean things that aren't as a play happen have been happening..

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