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Help help her courage. You Know Kristie as you Mentioned that part of Me Banging my head that Jefferson refer to as sometimes I I feel like manner like Charlie Brown and we keep falling for Lucy's trick. You know I got to thinking so I'm not going to go into male bashing so I I'm I'm GonNa take a higher road here and it makes me realize that a lot of women business owners may have have resources that they may not even know that they have incited themselves right and I I know in the work that we do. We're we're always endeavouring to help. People discover how they can leverage their emotional intelligence all of the competencies and I know from my own life and and the things that I've endeavored to do that. That's when it's critical right that it's it's critical a leveraged the tools you have inside yourself when it's two in the morning and you're are you wake up and you go. Oh my gosh that I make the biggest mistake of my life and taking this on right because that carries over into what is going to be your mindset going forward into the day so let's imagine that and obviously for what we're talking if that women woman business owner is going to meet with a banker about alone and at two. AM conversation wasn't addressed. Man That's going to have an impact pack now. Hear me out listeners. If you're a male banker that does not give you an excuse to be Charlie Brown. It does say for the well being of that owned business. Owner is being able to resolve those things in a way that leads to maybe potentially usually a better outcome inside and out but anyway I just I just got to thinking about that as as you were going along. Maybe that's a little bit of a Segue to ask. How do you think the well being part is for those winning business owners out there and include the very successful ones to the ones sounds that are struggling in between so I was thinking? Well you retire counseling. I Love I love how you are weaving of course right you piece of that. Well that's very. Thank you for noticing and that was beautiful. Ray maybe a couple of things before I go so I if I WANNA say new side we we are not about bashing bashing that right we need beat the guys. We need male champions the male champion who are in those positions of power to help us and and on the other side. We'll do everything. We can't Dan to help you help out right so sometimes Guys will say I mean we can't come to your guy like absolutely you can come like please call call you are so you know we've come to our events And a lot of our of our business champions get a lot of support from business teams of town. A lot of slimmer led by them so no male bashing you need. We need the guys to help us. And I also find that Men who have daughters really WanNa make the world better from daughters who really want change these systems for the next women due to right they wanNA leave that legacy and make this better for the next generation right so I just wanted to add on the back because we lead you hate mental. I can attest to that right and I was thinking about. Is You hit on to the room of Most talented An empathy and that's right so I think when when I am maybe pissing through a mail banker or a male. DC It's he can have some empathy for coming up and sort of you know you know that whole thing. Put yourself with somebody else in trying to understand where they're coming from. I think that would help. Change the conversation to right. That's sort of leaning in about what's going to be more about that or tell me more about that struggle. You know whatever it is right Chrissy. I'm interrupting because you just said something that really triggered in my head and it's is born out of my desire to help and I I hopefully. I won't Rift too long on this. Got Me thinking you know if that woman business owner right and I'm going in and I know that I'm meeting with John Smith whose Chief lending officer. Whatever the case may be? I don't know the terms terribly well and maybe doing that kind of research that goes beyond knowing what the bank typically does how long it's been in business but maybe a little more about him. Is there a way of looking on facebook. Is He married. Wow look he has two daughters okay. I can leverage bridge some of that because I can ask him to put himself in the shoes of his daughter. WHO's wanting to start a new business in needs alone right? And and and that's that's the beauty of Eq- certainly and it's also just a very strategic thing because I don't think most bankers even the ones that are not doing maybe the best job under the Sun Right. I don't think they get up in the morning and say hey you know what. Today's a good day for me to find a way to mess it up for women business owners. I agree with you. I don't think anybody gets up in the morning so I hope I really screw up exactly right and however I made the cold hard reality is that it still happens and that just Kinda got me going there and I and I turned it off turned down a different road so I want to get back to the well-being part. That's that's that's an important thing. Well let me. I just went when must cease about that. I think people have from at kind of the core values in our our police which we doctor novel right. But I was I I. We're non profit so I do a lot of fund raising and partnership building writers connecting nothing. Nothing I mean you and I met right. Somebody connected US and and the way we went so I have been. It was a piece about confidence right so I was this meeting with a potential business champion not long ago and I noticed in my research that they were supposed to financial confidence and their core values statement about financial top of that and so I was able to say look. We're about near aligned on that you're about building and business confidence and you're about finance and it seems to me. There's some alignment like and and it turned out to be a happy ending. I mean they have. They have come on board as a champion for in in the New Year. Twenty Twenty so oh I totally agree with what you just said about just finding those linkages and finding that common ground yeah and I go there. Go there what you want to say. No as just me and my elation of what you said Christie See. That's the danger of having you on as a guest because I feel it's like when we have have coffee and I want you know but I'm going to be a good I'm going to be a good host and now I'm GonNa let you talk about well. What Christie don't agree about trying to keep to an agenda because we never do? Okay good I like it. I like it so so we'll Berkeley research yet. I've taken this way down another rabbit hole. I guess I was thinking about the well-being for The the woman business US owner and how they're managing all the different things of life. We know entrepreneurism is hard on many levels. The many of which you've you've you've discussed. But how are they doing physical mental spiritual emotional health from what you've been able to observe so I can tell you this we we have just just finished A A strategic planning process where we did some discover an conducted a bunch of interviews with cold or not and I can tell you this so as we talk about our purpose of empowering limited doors to overcome challenges and fully realized that is our purpose. That's why I get every day in the morning. Well my fourth volunteers and whatnot but when we remember going on that statement My board in the middle of the process. We had us the tours overcome out frank. Some power bars to overcome challenges and fully realize that you participate. Because that's what we do every day you're right that's for nursing is hard whether you're you're male female round black it doesn't matter it's hard right and their good days and there are no right And so I think And you know what I'm saying is we're also Sorry December once. It is focused on and has been for several years focus on health and Wellness Walnut And then this year. We're going to go in there about well right so I just use airplanes. I just said this yesterday right. It's like when you're on an airplane and they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first write you a sea of you are the number one F- at that company right without you if if you got sick or House the mental health challenges. Or whatever like it would affect your company it would affect your employees right the whole deal so we try to talk with our With our women about taking care of yourself conscious about that physical emotional emotional mental health And I and I believe that being in a community like novel Helps you do that right. 'cause there's you're having a bad day boy. I sure hope they call me. Or they call a member of their round-table or another member that they know and and sort of you know get that hope and that courage and work through it right. It'll it'll how whatever it is. I just find a way through every challenge But I used to tell on my kids when they were little. I can't help you know about it. I can't I won't help right if you're keeping inside and you're not sharing so I know for sure based on the stories. I hear that I talked to every day. That when you're in a involved in a group like you will go further right right. There's an old. There's an old African proper that right like if you WANNA go. I'M NOT GONNA say it right but if you WANNA go slow go along but if you wanna Wanna go together you know I forget the exact proper but I know for sure that you'll go farther faster And and probably we rely more success when you're in a when you're supportive committee right apple and I think that you're wealthy. Yeah and I think you're you hit on something there to that. That's really important and I I regardless of your background if you're a listener because I think isolation is probably one of the most dangerous things for an entrepreneur. I would dare say it's it's it's a really dangerous thing for just anybody. They walk in the planet. And if you have outlets and places that you can go to to find out that you're not alone in the a journey and find out. Yeah I experienced that two months ago or someone else who says Yeah I. I went into that same bank six months ago and I got the same kind response but I found out. It's because they're just not filling in the blank right and you guys do a great job of Bringing together that community unity so that they know that they're not alone and and obviously and I'm guilty of this Cristea of just because of my wiring. Sometimes I have to have people to like tap me on the shoulder and say Eric. You don't have to do all of this on her own. You know yes. I'm laughing because someone said to me. I don't know if it was used recently. You don't have to boil the ocean The mall or yeah. And that's the thing I I think in many respects when we interact act with people. There's that you know you mentioned that. The and the walking and other shoes. I think there's something to be said. And I know we've done this on previous episodes kind of as a recurring occurring is that what about the self sympathy may be great that you understand someone else's shoes and what they're walking in what about yourself itself again Christie. This is probably not going to surprise you. I was going through an assessment This is probably close to six months ago and and it was a pretty deep dive type of of look and the lady that was kind of doing the The debrief or or whatever you WANNA call it..

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