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From never never do anything for your kids also my epiphany as I was watching MSNBC and fox that's all they had on the ship and does the light bulb went off okay now another huge story and then we also have the four Congress women you know who should move back home and we also have a big story in this happens to be the Iranian seizing that two British tanker in the strait of Hormuz who's now what happened I think earlier last month was that in a Ronnie in tanker was seized a super tanker because it was oil that was being transported to Syria and because of the European sanctions against Syria according to your up Iran or any country would be stopped from transporting oil so what they did is they simply picked up the tanker I mean I physically it's very heavy but they went ahead and got the tanker sees the tanker no oil for Syria and so in retaliation in the run and said they were gonna do this they grabbed a British tanker in the strait of Hormuz now the first tanker was your Gibraltar that was going through the Mediterranean this one was picked up in the strait of Hormuz straight horror movies that little tiny area that comes from the Persian Gulf into the Arabian Sea that out with twenty percent of the world's oil is transported through the straight and is what half a mile wide maybe a mile wide and whatever and we know the distance but it's a very tiny little distance and got so this is a very dangerous area and if this is not the first time that the streets have been up in the air it's a matter of fact the United States said navy has before actually E. R. convoy and that they were guarding our ship civilian ships that were going through the street to make sure they weren't picked up or attacked cell this is nothing new but here is what's going on the Brits and the Europeans say they were perfectly justified in picking up that tanker on the way to Syria and that therefore all the release of holy sanctions one is that when you talk about what you think we're part of the agreement we have sanctions so here's the bottom deal or the bottom line you take one of ours we'll take one of yours and there's actually a recording of what was happening when the Ronnie still talking to each other the Brits in the audience we're talking so this is a recording of what was happening all.

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