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I'm in a band that thinks it's battling it so wrong tonight, baby tonight. Yeah, baby, Right on the limits where we know we both belong tonight. It's hard to feel first in danger. To create with you where we can. Yeah. Is with you Hold on shop. We kissed the other side tonight. Yeah, baby tonight. Yeah, baby, I'm on the end of something final Wake alive tonight, All right? What a shame because I'll be dancing in the plains. Yeah. David Knight Davis. Everybody knows my name tonight. Alright, alright. It's tattoo feel it's a personal day. I'm gonna round by to do the edge with you where we can multiple high. True. Okay, do Now is with you. I was with you. Oh! Oh, you Yeah. Yeah. True. Hey. Yeah. Uh, yo more music more variety. This is Valentine in the morning. One. Oh, 43 FM. Broken heart is all that's left. I'm still effects in of the cracks. Lost a couple of pieces when MM. Katie carried and carried it home. I'm afraid I am. My mind feels like foreign Scion drinking insane, Okay? Please carry me Carry me Carry me home. I spend all say we were always losing millions. Smart home. I ain't no big Kate. I got addicted to losing. No. Love in now is a losing battle. How many pennies in the slide giving us but didn't take? I saw the end for it because I still like dust carried, uh, carry on. I love in new is a losing. Loving you is a losing day. I don't need your games came off. Give me this role. Oh, no, no Lovin you is a losing game a Just loving Yeah. Mm hmm. Valentine In the morning.

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