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Preseason before they actually implemented for a season because it seems like discussion right here any other one Jimmy came up as you're talking about the overtime and you'll be interested in this. We were out to dinner yesterday, and we were in in Vic Fangio, and we're talking about you know, how to do it. How to do it? How to do it in turn around? He goes I'm going to give you an idea that I have never heard discussed before. And he went to your rule about you know, the game ends and evolves on thirty five yard line of all aside yard Ranko. Yeah. You take a two minute or whatever. And you put the ball there, and you go, and I said, you know, Vick I'm gonna tell you. There's only one other guy that I heard ever come up with that. So, you know, he did he was he was his. But I told me only guys I heard come up with it. You guys are on the same mental tracker mental wavelength or something because whether he'll bring it up he said, he's a little reluctant to speak at age as only a couple of months, it'll be interesting zero that goes, yeah, I think I mentioned that too. When I was I came up with that longtime ago. Do you think you mentioned it to think I did? Biggest take out his his own right now. Yeah. At the end of the the end of the game would just you would just go into a fifth quarter who's ever wherever they add the ball wherever it's at the just continue to to play the game until somebody wins become sudden death, but it's just played out like a like a fifth quarter wanted. They're talking about is doing at the college roles. Interesting thing when you you just listen, there seems to be a they drag their feet a little bit on doing any colleges. Do you know for fear of you know, I I'm just saying I have no idea but for fear of following. It must rather collegiate game. Follow the pro game rather than the pro game. Follow the collegiate game talking about doing the twenty five yard line in overtime. I think it's terrible. It's terrible. They wanted five yard line close. Right. If they did that back and forth kind of thing like college you'd have to start at like, the fifty or something or your own forty or like twenty-five everyone's going to make the field goal or or maybe you just can't kick. Well, it's just it's it's it's a flawed way of doing. All you have to do is watch the LSU who we watch and Dan LSU and. Maybe it might have been eleven overtimes or eight overtimes or something guys are like you talk about health and safety..

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