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No catch in that fun so the fire festival was billed as the basically the next coachella they promised to look luxury is accommodations to people gourmet cuisine with the end of the getting instead was a refugee tents and lunch evolves soghi brad and use hamad ireland pablo escobar perrine our eggs on the beach like seeing the swimming pig island riot young galland so that's the only thing about this who gave him rate but apparently people were you know subjected to terrible conditions and then they got stuck on the island when they even try to get out and jean van de renewed anwar so every the daily blue their budget on models oh so this is thank you that is a great segway for what this story was actually about as um so nick had a nickel naturally got wind of this suck companies pitch deck which talked about basically how effective their marketing strategies have ben to get people to come to this festival so there was a it was a big pat on the back for this company wow would this is their pitched act to investors virtually they're they're looking for monday's who it was it ended rating they're looking for money to actually buy real estate to host these sorts of festivals it's sort of like a real estate game if you really think karadjayeva isn't drizzle my goodness um an in so they were effective right i mean they they used instagram in influencers to you know get all sorts people to pay the eight hundred dollars were a couple thousand for their packages and they literally were promising things that just did not exist they were very effective and they they basically touted that began in the pitch decade self they said they claim to have reached a four hundred influence or so people like kendall jenner a nick bateman people who have millions of followers.

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