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Tonight as you know is new year's eve with roads yes I know it's the one night in the year I believe in celebrating is he the only fun of bachelor can have especially a bachelor school teachers to really let go once in awhile might also be fine hold on one so shocked I withdraw the statement strike that from the record player the one thing I'm so grateful for ms Brooks is that our relationship has always been completely honest and above board I can talk to you straight from the shoulder you certainly can Mr going I don't have to beat around the bush no you don't I can come right to the point without stopping I hear you talking I don't have to mask my real intentions with a lot of pseudo diplomacy never know pseudo diplomacy what I'm trying to say ms Brooks is that well several weeks ago I I promised to attend a biologist club new year's eve party at the club jamboree tonight that sounds like a lot of fun Mr Biden I'm sure it will be but the ticket cost five dollars ms Brooks and well I I only had enough for the one when I bought it and what was since then I've had some unexpected holiday expenses and just haven't been able to afford another one questa had left to ask you to join me tonight but I could very well invite you to pay for your own ticket could die you could but I couldn't pay for it I mean I had some holiday expenses of my own Mister Barton two whole weeks of eating Charlie Sir is terribly sorry won't be together ms Brooks is a matter of fact I I suspected you were just as broke as I am that's why I came over to see you now what do you mean Mister Barton happy new year ms Brooks same to you Mister Barnes and thank you for a lovely morning it's all right thing to choruses of all Lang Syne and this will be the earliest I've ever folded on new year's please don't be annoyed ms Brooks I'll be thinking about you tonight from the minute I sit down in that night club and pick up my noise maker well I'll be thinking of you two tonight soon as I sit down by the window and blow my tin horn I guess I better be running along good cleaned up for the big night yes you do that Mr by not got to help Mrs Davis with the dishes forgive me if I don't chase you out walk you to the door certainly well see you next year like they say don't take any wooden biologist now that's just dandy let's get them the Connie don't go home to rest we've got a big night Hey we've got a big night ahead of him Mr Biden is going to the biologist party alone Mrs Davis hello but a blank handle it just can't afford to take me with him tickets are five dollars a copy of I had five dollars I could Mrs Davis I'd be happy to Kanye you will cost but I haven't got a quarter I spent my entire budget for this week on well thanks just the same as the David no sense in worrying about it I guess new year's eve is just another night maybe that's Mr Billington again and he needs help in the kitchen panel in the door is still open good morning this product Mr then what fortuitous circumstance brings medicine the steam principle of the amble abode of a lonely faculty member you've seen your share of Charlie chan movies have injured.

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