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Ladies and gentleman. Very welcome in January, the head of Japan Christian seven did an interview with the Houston business editor at the German newspaper did site. The two were speaking at a reception at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. You wanted to become a journalist of all profuse Heusen, the newspaper, man, asking the banker if you were a journalist, how would you report on Deutsche Bank today? So in a nutshell what you, right? The Deutsches CEO is taken aback. He fumbles for a moment. I would say Deutsche Bank is the most significant self-help story, the financial industry. That's how the detailed editor doesn't really want to talk about self help sometimes with Dutch makes the case that just it seems to get better. There is another problem like in, in November when things really looked up and then all of a sudden stated Tony's came in search dodger Bank headquarters under the suspicion that Dutch was involved in in Monday, laundering activities. What was your first thought? In a nutshell. A few months earlier, the German police had raided the bank's Frankfurt headquarters. No. Of course at that point in time. It's it's disappointing not disappointing. You know, personally for me, but being subject to investigations and regulatory actions has become the new normal for Bank in recent years. The Bank has been fine billions of dollars for lax controls on everything from laundering Russian money to violating sanctions against Iran, Libya. And Sudan, somehow you life is tainted by pest how with the constant uncertainty that something is light pop up. You know, I think that makes live really interesting, right? I mean. That's life has become very interesting for deutchebanks. In a recent portfolio congress reveal that has been asking for detailed records of frump family business interactions with Deutsche Bank in the file in congress said straight out, it's investigating the relationship for possible money laundering, illicit financial deals fraud and foreign influence in the two thousand sixteen elections. By its own admission. Deutsche Bank has a history of serious compliance. Deficiencies when it comes to global money laundering in the very recent past. Now comes a new revelation from the New York Times deutchebanks own anti money laundering experts flagged multiple suspicious transactions, they were as recent as twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen and involved Trump's business and the one formerly run by his son in law, Jared Kushner among the transactions one, we're money had moved from Kushner companies to Russian individuals. The times wrote that deutchebanks money laundering experts were so concerned they wanted to report these transactions to the US treasury, but supervisors refused to do so. Carrie McCue, deutchebanks spokeswoman said in a statement alert dispositions by investigators undergo a higher level review by qualified staff. Transaction monitoring castle wide net and not all alerts will result in esscalation. She added we take responsibility for compliance very seriously. And that the Bank has increased our anti financial crime, staff and enhanced its controls in recent years. A spokesperson for the Trump organization emailed, the statement, this story is absolute nonsense. We have no knowledge of any flagged transactions with Deutsche Bank. In fact, we have no operating accounts with Deutsche Bank, we sent questions to the Kushner companies, the White House Trump's private banker and lawyers for the Trump's in Jared Kushner, the White House did not have comment. The others didn't respond. Meanwhile, the investigations pile up those Pena's were sent a multiple financial institutions including Georgia Bank, the house, intelligence and financial services committees are hoping to get information on loans. The German Bank gave a to the Trump and Trump organization and vicious presidential harassment. This is all these people do ever Trump earlier today and FOX and friends calling it harassment is the Trump family and the organization, sue deutchebanks and Capital, One two blocks of Pena's. So we've issued subpoenas into your Bank, and we are collecting a lot of the documents that we had requested. And we are reviewing I can only tell you that the investigation came about as the result of the testimony, Michael going. Hello, and welcome to Trump Inc podcast from WNYC, and propublica that digs deep into the secrets of the Trump family business. I'm Andrea Bernstein today on the show Trump and his family's relationship with Georgia Bank, a Bank with a history of problems. They were laundering money for wealthy Russians and people connected to Putin in the Kremlin in a variety of ways for almost the exact time period that they were doing business with Donald Trump. This is David enrich, the finance editor of the New York Times, and all of that money through DOJ Bank was being channeled through the same exact legal entity in the US that was handling the Donald Trump relationship in the us. And so there are a lot of coincidences here. There's a lot of smoke. I have not found any fire, but unfortunately, I do not possess subpoena power. We're going to walk you through all that smoke. Trump Inc, is an open investigation. So we're just going to say wait now. We're still not sure what this all adds up to. What we do know Trump right now about three hundred and fifty million dollars to your Bank more than he does any other financial institution. And so much is happening regarding the Bank so fast. But we decided to lay out what we've learned by digging into Trump's financial deals with the Bank and why his recent loans, raise so many questions questions raised by congress. The new York Attorney General and the bank's own employees. Let's get to know Deutsche Bank it likes to think of itself as a cousin of other global institutions like J, P Morgan Chase or Citi group, but Deutsches recent history, sets it apart from its competitors after the global financial crisis in two thousand eight Deutsche Bank, like all banks was under financial pressure. At the same time, there was more and more wealth, building in Russia and Russians wanted to get it out of the country. Maybe they earned it illegally. Maybe they were just scared that, if they kept their money in Russia, Vladimir Putin would have it seized banks are supposed to run checks to make sure they're not helping criminals move dirty money, and New York state regulators found deutscher didn't do that between two thousand eleven and two thousand fifteen the Bank improperly and covertly helped usher, ten billion dollars out of Russia and into London and New York and it got caught. We spoke to the woman. Man who did the catching my name is Maria Vullo? And I was the superintendent of financial services from early two thousand sixteen through February one of two thousand nineteen, she oversaw banking, and insurance in New York state, just after Trump was inaugurated Vullo signed a consent order with, which a Bank in it Deutsche acknowledged it had allowed bad actors to achieve improper ends. This consent order addresses the man had serious compliance. Deficiencies that spanned deutchebanks global empire. These flaws allowed a corrupt group of Bank traders offshore entities to improperly and covertly transfer more than ten billion dollars out of Russia by conscripting Deutsche Bank operations in Moscow London and New York to their improper purpose. Deutsche Bank paid over six hundred million dollars in penalties in New York, and in the UK and said it would address its deficiencies. Here's how the corrupts game worked it began in Moscow with an order by a shell company to buy a specific amount of stock, but the buyer, one asked for a particular company stock just the amount. They wanted to spend investigators found some prettiest Pacific emails like this one I have a billion ruble today. Misspelled, by the way ruble. But will you be able to find a security for this size? So then what would happen the same day, which a Bank made up Murchison in Moscow, it would make a sale in London of the same amount of stock the trades. Mirrored each other for that reason, they're called mirror trades, ten billion dollars were moved in this way rubles to pound two dollars, possibly dirty money going in clean money coming out. If you're a Bank, you're supposed to have systems in place to prevent trades like this, because it makes it easy for criminals to wash their money through the. Mancial system. So, yes, there was a supervisor on the Moscow desk, which appeared to have been paid a bribe or some other undisclosed compensation to facilitate the schemes employees complained. They were pushed off. No one did anything even when another bag asked which Bank is something going on here. Deutsche Bank responded, essentially, no, no problems here. Instead, they should have elevated the concerns. Yes, and should have raised a red flag again, and we're looking at issues, like know your customer, looking at who these counterparties are, and who's behind the counterparties, if one was going to actually do the proper KYC process, KYC know your customer, this is key underpinning of the financial system away to keep the money launderers terrorists, and other crooks out, or somebody comes to the Bank, who is this person Deutsche Bank, did not have a central? Is know your customer system and its Moscow office Deutsche Bank, had one person as head of compliance, head of legal and anti money laundering, all at the same time, and you certainly need more than one person who is doing three jobs to actually have an effective compliance system. I mean staffing for compliance is essential. And this was woefully inadequate. New York regulators were not able to track them the actual people behind the ten billion dollars in suspicious transactions. And so a very big question remains. What was the reason behind the because money was exchanged, why we still don't know. There's no evidence, these mirror trade deals, involve Trump were telling you about them because in the words of New York regulators, serious compliance deficiencies at the Bank spanned deutchebanks global empire during the same period. Donald Trump was borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars. And because congress is taking a closer look, according to a legal brief fits investigating. Whether Deutsche Bank is doing enough to stop schemes like mirror trading. The brief says this is important in determining the volume of illicit funds that may have flowed through the Bank and whether any touched the accounts, held there by Mr. Trump his family or business.

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