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Team lacked was they like the quarterback and now they got a quarterback so this letter a letter for net comes back and is healthy and ready to go we got Nick a quarterback and you got a difference you can kick **** and added Josh Allen in the draft I mean he fell in our lap there I mean that was a gift from heaven yeah I think a Jacksonville Jaguars routine at the Indianapolis is bounce back in Indianapolis is formidable but of the of the choices you gave me the one I think that has the best chance to do the worst to first thing is probably the jag I would happen to agree to be fun to watch all right let's go to David in north Philly took a little football David you're on with rain line Hey ray Gillen ray you just said they do work watching practice for the hidden gems to read it will be able to go you know watch multiple practices when they can find their head and arms yeah it is too bad I I wish I wish there was more public availability to these practices because I was a kid growing up in going to those practices I mean I I I loved it yes and for a lot of folks that's the closest they're going to get to the eagle see an eagles real live and in person this year I I hate to see that access taken away because they're really ramps up I mean because the preseason is a cream cheese and that's when the thing that really fuels excitement during the week and you know starts the avalanche to September to September nineteen sure I'm so absolutely I mean you see I mean we saw it I mean we saw it I mean is that this is a town where people do that I mean remember the training camps up Italy I you know you have twenty thousand people going to practice I mean driving a driving all the way in the northeast extension of the turnpike you know twenty twenty five thousand people coming out of practice so this is this is a fan base that that loves that and has almost ritual lies that and I hate to see I hate to see that sort of taken away milb arm so I'm looking at the end of season I'm going to step away from you guys look at the competition so basically every year there's fifty percent turnover on teams that made the playoffs that don't make it the following year I don't think the bears Wanamaker back I think they'll be a good team but I I think Green Bay is part Green Bay and the combination of them get out of your bank that you think it's turns around even if they don't make it I think one of those two teams because there would be better it's going to take away from the bears I don't think just I think they'll be a good team AT maybe something like that maybe minus seven the not make it I was in the reins at the counter dreams are going to make it either okay I easy here and thanks to appreciate it it's that time of year they and this is also part of I mean I hate to be the the Downer because this is what we do when this is what we talk about and I'll be following it but this is also where I think projecting is also often a waste of energy because more than any sport the NFL is won by the team that survives sure right so the bears in the Packers in the Vikings are all pretty good and any one of those three teams could win the division the Vikings are probably favor currently I think was your favorite bears okay find that there's a favorite currently one of those teams is just going to lose ten regular players and be dead and they're done right and there's no way to project what that's going to be right and that's the way the NFL works I was surprised and will probably bring this up tomorrow night there was some the athletic did a survey of fifty three NFL coaches and general managers and Hatem rankle the quarterbacks and I thought your biscuit was regarded as a rising star but in the thing I saw I'll see if I can find it just like in the twenties really yeah much lower than I thought I I thought he was kind of highly regarded as a guy in his way up I will I will tell you that that most people do feel that way the people at large feel the heat media is all that or is not all know that he is that he is all that that media people talent evaluators really like Travis ski twenty fourth in this behind the line manning and James Winston well see now I would put him I like him a little better at but I I mean I know they're there I've talked to some people who were really high on them these guys obviously not very high on I'm I I would put him a couple notches higher but I'm not sold on him I was not sold on the coming out of college and and you know I mean I was I've seen some good things but I there's nothing there that to me speaks to yeah this guy's got it you know this guy's going to win a championship is a guy's gonna take a team to a Super Bowl I I haven't seen that yet but I do know there are some people do believe in it certainly more than I do let's talk to Tony king of Prussia Tony you're on with rain one thank god thanks for having me I appreciate it sure I I yeah I absolutely I listen you guys all the time and it's probably my favorite topic you guys ever talk about as far as someone PM remember not for a million complex mints but well for one one you know what I mean yeah it it's so the guy that keeps coming in my head I don't know if you guys will greet with me but it it's got old number nine joke to start check without well yet I don't know that this thing with Joe Prasar check and god bless him I know he's in the area so I hope I'm not hurting his feelings with bill Buckner there's twenty seven hundred majorly hits in batting titles to play off of the error with Jim Marshall there is he in the hall of fame no he's not okay but there's a great career a guy who held NFL records for consecutive games that you play off of that Jackie Smith for Jackie Smith hall of fame career for Joe Prasar check what I've tell me the great moments I'm ignoring yeah I guess I'm not really looking at a star player that I just you know it's just that whenever you think of yeah now I I I was just thinking up whenever you think of a player and you think of it you know all you think is is that you know Kelly right you're right on that that is true and and there's two aspects to that now there was somebody show Mister there were some of the job was trying to hand off to play all you know is a hall of fame and and no says nobody ever says Larry's onka but if the LAR but you know Larry soccer could help that play out a little bit more than he did too so I mean Joe's a one Joe's wanna kind has to live with it and and bright exam could gets a pass but I'm not sure if that's all that fair right right I wanted to ask you guys opinion on the belly I believe that we have to power house in the in the National League right now with the Braves and the Dodgers as far as really a lot of promise Alan so that is my reasoning for wanting to let go of prospects you get a couple pictures because I believe that you're only going to have a short window before it only gets worse as far as other teams bloomin so I would actually take the chance since prospect a lot of times do not work out I would actually take the shot I wanted to know how you guys felt about about you know pull you know pushing a button on that for a year and actually trying to get in the playoffs for the Phillies or just drop and out locally I mean I don't I don't want to drop that totally and thanks for your call just because I think the other and I agree with him those two teams are head and shoulders above everybody else and then you got the nationals in the rivers and the cubs and the what the giants of trying right away I can you know well by the way back in with the cardinals cardinals yet got eight the cardinals but you're right there they're right in the race in SO two of those T. well more than two because somebody's going when the central but two teams will get in as wild cards and I don't want to give up on that before August first which is when the trade deadline is I think with the Phillies are gonna end up doing by the way we have Bob Nightengale national baseball writer for USA today is going to join us at twelve twenty okay to talk about the trade deadline with Ellie chore parks are managed training camp going to talk to him in a little bit but I suspect if the Phillies make a move in the next few days and I bet you they do it's going to be more for a fourth fifth starter then a one to start that's what it's member Kyle Loesch yeah it's going to be that kind of move actually Carlos came in and and help the team yeah I guess I must remember the next year when he did yeah I know you didn't but I mean in that from that point where they acquired him right then he gave a seven game a little left right it was sent them and they got waxed in the playoffs against Colorado that's right right yeah be pitched but he pitched a help them down the stretch yeah but I think that's it's somebody of that ilk and maybe a you know a bullpen arm but I don't think they're gonna do anything big and I don't think so either the big sin of the Phillies this year was they invested all that money in the lineup and they said like that pitching good enough right and the pitching never was good enough and following injuries it's not well I mean you heard macphail said I mean fell basically said that you know it's a it's we have you know you don't to get the rubber we look talking about now is basically trying to get into a one game playoff so we're not going to sacrifice our best minor league prospects to put ourselves in that position I mean he pretty much laid it out there for you and I appreciate the honesty of that although I didn't like the way he characterized the four in Warren if a route or route it's like you know and they need my old rabbi you do and tell monarch philosophy like whatever happens happens come on man some more than acted it did sort of sound that way that sit did hate coming up ray danger went to the movies this week and you're not told me anything about I have not you have not revealed a thing I know to see once upon a time in Hollywood it is the biggest release of the summer and raise gonna tell us is is is this new Quentin Tarantino thing as great as the build up would have it sound we'll do what we're watching coming up I'm going to take your call at eight eight eight seven two nine ninety four ninety four with ray did John Glenn mac now from Delaware park racetrack and casino one ninety four W. 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