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And i ran into some complications mainly those being that it feels like the photo book tools in photos haven't really changed since iphoto so my question for you is do you make photo books do and if so what do you use kelly well i really only have the answer to the first part of that question which is no i don't i used to make them every holiday season and i also used to make picture books for babies in the family and that was really fun and i did use iphoto and i thought it was crate but i have found that i rarely edit my photos anymore other than cropping them and i really do projects with them because the overwhelming majority of my sharing is through social media and from my iphone so i actually had to go photos and take a look at it and you're right it looks exactly the way it has always looked when i do do prints usually use snap fish 'cause i liked the quality of their prints like i made some large canvas prints i will auction the spring but i haven't done photo books in a long time interestingly i just got a photo book in the mail this morning there's a company called canvas pop which typically makes a huge canvas prints for your wall so you send in a photo they printed onto a canvas they stretch out that canvas onto the board and you can hang it up while now they're doing books and i got to got to try out the apple little early and create a little book for myself and of course i filled it with photos of my dogs and is the best thing put up the book and the front and back cover have photos of my dogs on it and the whole thing is filled with photos and i almost wish like i would have taken the time to i don't know right up a little story about chihuahuas or something so that i could read the books because i would love to do that but yeah i've used the photo book thing jig before dan within photos and it was a little bit complicated that said whoever prince apple's books does a very good job in my humble opinion they are really high quality they come in this really nice packaging and the like the way that it's printed the paper the way that it's put together it all looks very very good so maybe it's just like they've they've put this barrier to entry it's like you have to work to get this beautiful product at the end if you can survive photos for mac then you can have this beautiful book that has all your memories in it but yeah i like making photo books every once in a while jeff what about you i think that last point is exactly the reason that i do not make a photo books which is odd because i i'm a photographer i make a lot of photos you would think and i should there's a lot of guilt here i should make a lot of photo books but it's work it it takes time you have to to sort edit and crop and it takes more than just sort of casual effort and when we can share things on facebook and twitter with pretty much nothing but casual effort that's that's the way to go in terms of prints i'm going to sound just as lazy like i'm embarrassed to admit this but whenever we need just like some quick prints like if my daughter needs to take some pictures to school there's a walgreens literally half a mile away and using their app which is okay it's not great i can upload some images have them printed in an hour or two and the quality is perfectly fine for things that are that are more precious things like larger prints all order through a company called bay photo and they do a really good job and their online tools are not terrible how about that it's a lot of yeah i don't make footer books very much this was coming up for like a family birthday and i wanted to assemble a bunch of photos from family members and put them together it's it's not just the tools clunky it's that they're actively broken in some ways like dragon dropping food we'll just stop working and you'll have to quit the app and restart it and it's like i don't think anybody at apple has has used these tools in a while 'cause they don't work very well so i struggled through it and i made it.

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