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Well, talking about speed management. I guess we need to talk about the world speed record. Tell us how that came about. Again, probably got sparked by finding that trophy in my parents attic, but it was kind of a funny funny scenario rod Lewis who owns rare berry in several other Warbirds has a fantastic collection out of San San Antonio after he had a flying at his ranch every year, and after I won in two thousand nine he invited me out to the ranch, and hey, would you mind giving a talk John pennies year, given a talk on on rare. Bear would know talk about strata. Sure and John give give talks about twenty minutes talked about three kilometers record which were held. And I got up there. And Dr Sam sorta stuff, and you gentlemen, and the audience that night is by the name of Joe Clark who owns a company called aviation partners. And he simply just ask the question. You know, why don't you done that with Strega gopher speed record? And well, it's like it's a big cost. There's not prize monies. You know that sort of thing, and he said, well, I'd be interested in teaming up with you to do something. So here's my card. Let's stay in touch. So that was kind of the initial going from just a random dream to. Maybe this be a goal and evolved over time with that it didn't work out with Strega for several reasons which are fine because we don't plan on doing that in two thousand twelve thousand thirteen something like that in that in that fell through but kind of get the contact relationship opened with Joe and Bob button who owned voodoo was real excited about it. Right. From the first year day put put the put the reins on, you know, get up to speed. I I've Reno before we can, you know, attempt a world speed record. So that again was nev Lucien of the airport. But. It really was a dream come true to be able to try and do that or to go for that record. It's so different from flying Reno. Heard that from other guys that have done before. But it really is all different environment. You know, your folks on your ultimate or you never looked timid Reno. So lots of different things in the environment. It is nice though, what we did. It was a private ranch up in Idaho. And the valley was forty miles long by ten miles wide. There's not another soul inside out there. So it was really nice to have you know, all the airspace to yourself. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to take another crack at it again. I remember I can tell you where I was. It was interesting because it was the same weekend. They unveiled dotty may the p forty seven and I was at Napa Napa for that. And it was cool because like news would keep breaking in there. Like, they're, you know, they're they're they're taxing out now and stuff like that. It was just it was really there was a real sense of excitement even there. Yeah. Which I haven't I haven't always seen aviation where people were they were amped up kind of keeping the finger on the pulse, and it's funny traveling around now, how many people, you know, watching that when it was live on this. And that and it's funny because I think about this. It's an obscure record. No, unless you know, what it is. It's just something else. But I think as far as you know, especially aviation history Jimmy doodle set that record. No, right brothers. That record Glenn Curtiss. You know? So I think it's that one record in scope of aviation history. That's always kinda stood the test of time where are the records are constantly being set. You can follow that record back today. One. That's exciting. When you go for a record attempt like that thinking about some of the other variables you have to control for like, what kind of weather. Are you looking for for something like that? Is there a particular day pressure wise things like that for absolutely a good question? And it kind of baffles a lot of people with the Mustang. We're looking for a really hot day, and you know, engine horsepower you want cold day dense air, but like the Mustang. We're making hopefully about thirty four hundred horsepower when we attempt to the record ended up being about three thousand horsepower. But. To say that horsepower Ltd's not accurate. But if you look at an airplane, rare bear, you know, they're getting forty four hundred horsepower out of it with nitrous oxide when they did the record, you know, they don't run that anymore. But they want to see a colder day because they're more dependent on horsepower. The forty four hundred horsepower to pull you know, the airframe around whereas the Mustangs got obviously not forty four hundred horsepower. But it's got a real clean airframe behind it. So for a clean air the namic air for to go through the air quickly. We want thin, you know, hot air. So we're looking for a hot temperature. We won't be at high elevation airs thinner already you get a higher true airspeed. So unfortunately, actually had great temperatures today. We did it was about ninety four ninety five degrees working out to density altitude about thirteen thousand feet, but wildfires in the Pacific northwest verd- pretty strong at the time in although it's funny. Looking back at these videos that come out now, and it's like visibility doesn't look that bad. But and it was about four miles visibility. And when you're diving in on this course, and you can't see eight miles ahead of you. You know, but you're warp speed. It's a kind of like a hold on. What am I gonna pop into this visibility was so hot days, you know, high altitude? That's what we're looking for.

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