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Hi Blaine Brooks newsradio twelve hundred W. away I locally very dense fog developing for the overnight hours said dropping down to the mid fifties with all the warm air in place visibility is could get quite low under a quarter mile perhaps cloudy on Thursday a high in the low to mid seventies I'm meteorologist works a bit from the weather channel on San Antonio's official weather station newsradio twelve hundred W. away I from the box for studios in Los Angeles here's the thing in the N. B. A.'s late game on Christmas night New Orleans hits a three pointer at the buzzer to take the lead at Denver at the half fifty eight fifty five trying to end the nuggets seven game winning streak the clippers came back to beat the Lakers won eleven to one oh six the Lakers had led by fifteen early in the third quarter but LA had just two baskets in the last six and a half minutes couple eight turnovers as well the Lakers have lost four in a row Golden State upset Houston one sixteen to one oh four the warriors have won three straight to get up to eight and twenty four this season Philadelphia and Boston with wins in college basketball Houston won a tournament final in Hawaii up setting number twenty one Washington seventy five seventy one the NHL is still off cowboys quarterback dak Prescott did not practice fully today due to his bad shoulder Philadelphia will clinch the NFC east title with a win or a Dallas loss come this Sunday it's the final days to save on over five hundred new monsters and north park during this season of inspiration take three thousand off any new twenty nineteen Mazda C. ex five with blind spot monitoring and more get yours posted in December for just twenty two three ninety five or four two twenty two for months forty five thousand off any new twenty nineteen Mazda C. X. nine with seating for seven eighteen inch alloy wheels blind spot monitoring and so much more get one posted now for just twenty eight three eighty seven or at least for three thirty nine per month find out we get no charge accessories what two years or twenty four thousand miles of oil and filter change you get it all during the final days of the season nor the prestige twenty nineteen excellent customer sales experience with a complex all of this with a good credit and one seven twenty eleven student groups including the Harvard College Democrats signed a petition accusing their school paper of showing cultural insensitivity for contacting ice for a comment after a protest against.

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