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For missing. That's the last time. I smack will face with the news. I don't think this one just one took buca a minute to to get into with data little. It took him a few a couple of months comedy great and then like electrified goldust at a time. I mean like this times. Dustin rhodes is probably one of the best underrated wrestlers. Wwe never had ever had leaving now. Just the way. He's grown his character. In a w and like he's just a dozen roads as one of the most underground wrestlers of all time. Okay first thing. I want to say about wwe's list. I have argument that about half. The groups on here are not tag teams. There are trios their quasi even like the undisputed era is twenty how you gonna have a faction as a tag team exactly my point as well. The be fair. The undisputed irritate chance was always usually bobby fish in colorado. Well robert. nwa were the tag belts put on me. Many briars and the nwa always gala. rally of. bobby's but your number one is the new day who every member of that group. Every interracial now held the title and i. I'm sorry i love the new day and is far as like this era. Yes one of the greatest tag teams probably is but i don't really see them as a tag team. They're more attacking now than they've ever been. I'll i'll put a new day number. I just don't get it. i mean i. I noticed that this and they don't favor them get me wrong to put them over. But i will put other teams before the us to be fucking new days. The scientist happened right and not. The top. Five are even involved in wr- end. Wwe anymore so they're not gonna put them on a rundown the top twenty. Because i'm not going to run the whole list but top twenty undisputed era rocky johnson tony atlas professor toro tanaka and mr fuji steiner brothers. The rockets are connection the wild samoans. Rockers the mega powers the valiant brothers demolation the british bulldogs brothers of destruction. New age outlaws. The usos legion of doom. The dudley boyz edgy christian. our conversation. The hardy boys in the new day. Personally the usos to me as far as right now deserve to be higher on that list visit matt. He talks the bubble. You're going number two on the list you want. You ought to cell phone w dam you back how what. I'm trying to figure out how to rockers on that list. I mean you had them in a match. They won the tag titles. it didn't. i did not even five minutes later. They tag team titles away from him and enough the deck is split them up. They really didn't do much much. The only the only time that come out of the rockers you got star and then you got more generic. Who's the phone better paul. Yeah hey you wanna leads unicef. Hey tom about mci. Then try to do porn with him. And shit motherfucker bitch get you saw a hey you how. How did you ask a question on facebook. So i sleep with my own. Dr the hell out of here. You made it till be important stores. Some hot has porn stars sitting around going. Hey you know what we should do what we should get a washed up used for wrassling from the eighties in here. Hey how hey. How more got it was fifty six sixty now. He's in his sixties man. Yeah a let me play a little devil's loved billion. I like billy gunn and chuck palumbo. And i thought they played it. Took a shitty gimmick and a gimmick was courgaeous. Fuck now and made it pretty good got themselves over. I think would be dropped the ball on a potential team. I mean you saw tim. Maybe once or twice. But you didn't see him do much. The rock gerry cole. Woodham promos together did a couple of matches on raw over. Got the they got the fuck street profits on here number thirty. No get me doing. Oh man you know why what he at wordy rated three because they're like the only ever grand slam tag team right now because they wouldn't nfc's nfc's time. Yeah yeah and they did it in such a short span. That's where i i don't like them. I don't think they're funny. Like the greatest part to me is when they started deal that bianca bel air. That didn't ever really honestly. I think maternity fucking very athletic but other than that like they're not they're not good deal. St street profits to private party or the same thing and to me. I'd rather have private party. And i'm not a big fan of theirs right now so Okay moving past this list. Because the more i look at it the more frustrated i get with it is stone cold. A aaa johnny. Jimmy is not that i saw. Oh my gosh cool is forty nine from it should be should be a dancing gimmick man come soden in check this as insulin casts your cash all right so other news. That's a bull shit. Man bullshit list. First thing i want to discuss is the edge returned on smackdown this week. To challenge roman reigns for our the he did. He looked right the off physically though he has it looked super right to meet since he came back. I believe he's he's not putting on mass like he used to wait in. He's changed his diet. He's way more healthy so he's just spinal you just fusion surgery sky. Be careful of speaking of that trip. Baretta from best friends also had just had spinal fusion surgery this week. He's going to be out for a few months. Did anybody catch bully. Ray's comments for busted open this week to chelsea. That didn't he. Made comments about eddie kingston promo after. Yeah because cates did bay. Wwe comments win. Rarely do i necessarily agree. But i do agree with this. Kingston had no reason to make those comments. He's never been employed for wwe. It wasn't a good look for him for someone who i. I think every wrestling paper right now. Say he's one of the best pro artists. There is his What are their problems with. It was too was that he just made the comments a week before. Yeah that we don't have to study. What w w that. What we're doing over here. We're over by visiting her own thing and putting on better shows and then turn around made those eddie s comments stupid. That's if you take the anti completely a. w. fan who's one hundred percent through and through. Wwe from what. I'm getting and this is also my problem but the w is anytime anyone from. Wbz's boats to try to watch aid view. That is what we see on a constant then. It just comes to the poona vicious light. It's so patriots it so.

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