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Yeah. Oh, my I don't know who did it. But who would hit Eleanor Roosevelt with their own basical tall, so recognizable? You know, what it was? He was probably like Zing. However in nineteen sixty two she was given serious, which activated dormant case of to Burke, Yalo's her bones onto Burkey, low says and it with say with me too. And she died of resulting cardiac failure at her Manhattan. Home on the upper east side on November. Seventh nineteen sixty two at age seventy eight president John F Kennedy ordered all US flags lowered half staff throughout the world on November eighth in tribute to Roosevelt. Among prominent attendees at her funeral in Hyde Park on November ten thousand sixty two were president Kennedy. Vice president Lyndon Johnson in former presidents Truman and Eisenhower. Eleanor was interred next to her husband in the rose garden at spring would the Roosevelt family home at the services politician, Adly Stevenson, said what other single human being has touched and transformed the existence of so many adding she would rather light a candle than curse the darkness and her glow has warmed the world. Oh, she was so good. Yeah. That's we'd so at least she probably got to have some happiness in her life, absolutely. So some extra recognition awards for her in nineteen seventy to the Eleanor Roosevelt institute was founded it merged with Franklin D Roosevelt four freedoms foundation in nineteen eighty seven to become the Roosevelt institute a liberal American think-tank the organization exists to carry forward. The legacy in values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt by developing progressive ideas and bold leadership in the service over storing America's promise of opportunity to all owner was posthumously inducted into the.

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