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I just consume them quicker about four or five minutes quicker more than that than than you. Did let see the Mexican lady getting into the taco eating contest. Oh do. The Cuban nut Mexican, thank you. Such stink. Keep your Mexican self over there. What he got better than y'all better shut up for the German. God takes you all over. All right. I want you to answer a question. Yeah. Does Ian have a trophy. That says he's got a fake drug. No, no, no, no. That's very. Figment about real very if you wanna see a picture of it. It's on my Facebook my Instagram Twitter. See his buddies down a deck the halls made him a trophy, but we all know the walls, if you're going to bad mouth them at least get their business. Correct. Deco vol's insane. Mass is younger very close to turn his younger. He's hungrier. Okay. Once it more. Okay. Do we want to go back and make it a time trial because I'll do that. I was toast, specifically, I asked you said is that a time trial, and you said, no, no, here's why we bitch. Here's what we can't do that. Because don't exist. This show is really going. Well, right now, and I know that you hate to lose. So you'll be trying down or your diet short guy. I didn't lose. And then Indo you have suppose show production unity. We'll get on with our show one of their members. If this show has almost died choking on a sausage already. We don't second one. How aerobic is Tony? Ninety eight ninety got how Roddick is it that Tony Bonetti almost lost his life, choking on a sausage and Italian. I did not consume anything for twenty four hours after that was still free. I don't blame you. But what was I what was the name? Nice gentleman that saved your life. Again. I can't remember, oh, you're such a good guy. It's not your wonderful person. Unless you go off with by yourself like you wanted to that day. Yeah. Congratulations on your faked trophy, his buddy. Okay. Co-champion up his hut. Dogs at the bat guy. Appreciate tony. Congratulations. I appreciate Haley's. Congratulations. And I appreciate twice jealousy. Yes. Tell your face. Faces down in your seat. You're dip next child. We both finished. We both keep talking winners fodder. Funny that the millennial doesn't want. Everybody to have trouble. Millennial..

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