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Those of us who work Monday through Friday, we are on our way to the weekend still got a lot of time between now and then we're gonna fill that time. Is of good quality radio news. Obviously, the big story in Wisconsin isn't really those of the big stories of the bus. The bus might be the biggest story, but the DNC is sort of technically kind of here. Sort of. Yeah, it's been tough. I have to admit it's been tough, Tio Continue to localize. Ah, an event that's not local yesterday. A very tricky situation for everybody to figure out. It was Meg Jones. From the journal Sentinel that she tweeted a picture and I said, This looks like For the old folks, Omega Man for the young people. I am legend like these empty streets of a downtown. That's what it looked like. All you need is, you know, abandoned cars and you know graffiti from 30 years ago. I mean, my goodness. Random fawn walking by. It is startling, though. Is it possible there's less traffic because of the way it seems like that. Yes, there's less traffic. I'm actually going out to eat Milwaukee tonight. For first time since the pandemic, we'll treat you like a king that I would I would think so. Could I be the only people could die? I must see where I'm going Gonna kind of, or could I be the only person my wife and I just sitting there were treated like King. I hope not because he's unhappy is back open. I mean, that's a big thing has been closed for five months. Let's do this. Now. I've watched I'm not. I'm not like gavel to gavel on this. I'm not going to sit and watch all of this stuff. But I've sample that I listen to the speeches. Can I just say this again? I obviously have a biased perspective. And the questions be the same next week. Is there this week? It's like they come back from whoever speaking at the Oh, my God. Aren't they wonderful? Aren't they perfect for America? The question's going to like that next weekend. Maybe you watch. You know, Doctor. I'm watching all the networks MSNBC. Okay, we'll surprise me now. It's not like that on Fox, of course, and they barely. Even they actually doing what I think most that more should be doing like. Is there a DNC going on this week? I think that's foxes. Kind of take on it. It's just interesting. You will notice. I tweeted this out this morning. You'll notice a different demeanor when it comes to national reporting that local But Nash reporting when it comes to the RNC next, whatever the heck, they aren't. She's going to be next because we don't even know what that is. That's just they're going to be in our inside. Don't even know. Is there a process? Is there a schedule? I have no idea who you know is the president may or may not speak. But from the White House, maybe owe his very trust me. He will speak. He may have to speak every night. If there's if there's a schedule every night, that's actually I would not be surprised if you see him front center every night. Every night, Fighting has popped up. The last two nights, But you guys was just every family member of the funny things. You and I have talked about this. This is the week of the DNC. I could have eight billion Republican. A biased guests on surrogates. The campaign DNC crickets. Yeah, that's been interesting. My God, it's like, Do you not want to talk about the DNC? Or do you not talk to local folks? Because We are kind of hosting this thing, right? Yeah, even that. Even if you're not necessarily, I mean, yeah, the host thing weaken, Go on and on about But you would think that you want to get your people out there that this is your week. Get your people out there. Get Warren talking is say what you want about Elizabeth Warren to get her out there talking to people get some of these folks who Can generate some buzz with their supporters out and about on the phones in front of a camera. Can I say this? Do they actually care about Wisconsin? They really care about the state of Wisconsin, in which way That they need to win the state of Wisconsin. Did they really care about this doesn't seem like it doesn't seem like I have Democratic friends were saying I can't believe this stuff scrubbing the logo taking, you know, taking these little eye, so I didn't stories this morning. I said Good morning show. I'm the logo thing. So they took the Wisconsin shape Ottavio or that you're going on there. Honestly, be honest. Does that really matter? No, of course not. And you know, here's the dirty little secret. Maybe not so secret anymore. There's a lot less people watching this virtual convention. I honestly think 90% of the state doesn't care. I probably even more than that doesn't does not care and doesn't matter, But it's on a political thing. It's not. It's not about ideology. It's about just you know what it's August It's summer. You think if I turned on the TV Eagle River on a Tuesday night any those channels You know, it's it's available up there any channels watching pickle here over the course of the last two days, and they're playing a team and the Pirates who have been pretty much the worst team in baseball seas along and the Brewers have got beat pretty good over the course of the last couple days, and it's just It's not a great place to be and From a record standpoint, the Brewers are 11 and 14 there three games below 500. That's not the place that you want to be there still very much in playoff contention, especially with the extended or I should say the expanded playoff this year where you're gonna have eight teams, making it from each from each league. Yeah, That kind of creates an interesting scenario for David Stern's because What do you really What do you do here? Do you go for it? Do you hold back? Do you sell? There's just It's It's not an easy thing to figure out when you're playing a 60 game season and you're coming up on the halfway point. But you're not even a month into the season is just such a weird dynamic. I think all of us, I think whether you're Great council and knowing how to manage the team. Whether you're David Stern's in how you general manage the team, whether you're me and how you talk about the team and how you evaluate the team and any media personality for that matter that that's job is connected to being able to evaluate team. We're all still just trying Teo to figure out How in the world Tio Teo evaluate what is going on? Okay. Got a little bit of an update for you. The tarp is being pulled in Pittsburgh. The expected start. Time is to 10 Eastern, So that would be 1 10. Central 1 10 Central, So we're about a half hour from getting things started again. We're going to a check back in with Jeff Lovering and Lang Grendel. They're not in Pittsburgh. They're at Miller Park. That's one of the I think. Just kind of a knob survey shin on my part. I think the broadcasters both from a radio standpoint with what you're listening to, and from a TV standpoint as well. I think the broadcasters have done just absolutely fantastic job of handling broadcasting games remotely off a monitor the way it's being done this season for road games. But quite honestly and on a day like this, this is where it's more challenging, and this is where it's a struggle, because when you're those guys, you're not sitting there inside a PNC Park able to talk to anybody able to find out what the latest is able to observe what's going on for yourself. You're just kind of stuck looking at a monitor, but, yeah, they've done a great job this year in terms of being able to Broadcast games. And when you're watching on TV clearly you can tell it's different because there's no fans and stands. But when you're listening on the radio and with the piped in crowd noise, it's ah, it's It's tough to actually be able to tell that they're not actually at.

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