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Night I did not lose power lucky one yes No power loss for me Jerry I'm in a nice insulated community where I don't pay any attention all calls on outside my four walls you're an apartment building yeah right but you know before the program we play music here yes sometimes I choose the music sometimes that he chooses the music I was listening to music in the news everything for us all to the same type of music now I don't I was listening to the Commodores all right Eddie had on the rolling stones all right similar time yeah nineteenth nervous breakdown got it and I seriously said to him I said I go what do you I go what does that mean nineteenth nervous breakdown I think the first one would be a problem let alone nineteen of them and he looked at me he said probably just a song about somebody's out a lot of nervous breakdowns not pretty basic yeah do you think any deep meaning to that don't look any deeper into it maybe a nineteenth relationship nineteen but why nineteen well perhaps one and twenty perhaps one rice in nineteen because his boyfriend or girlfriend just drove him totally over the edge hi nineteenth nervous breakdown yeah get out that was the nineteenth terrorist bracket everybody got a breaking point to some degree don't thank yes so maybe for him it was the nineteenth relationship I see the other eighteen or bad this one was really bad a little get pedia that later in the relationship as you say you had nineteen nineteen ships Han meaning what like I've bows on multiple dates yeah I would say a relationship means five days or more five day that's fair all right Jerry it's fair because five dates is going to be at least a month does the whole no I would say yes the week I got a very late start I'm gonna still go over ten I I agree absolutely fifty and single so why will use mine nineteenth nervous breakdown No Way Jerry everyday string falls count yeah five million nervous breakdown the song beer beer a lot of people make a big deal out of this Edwin Encarnacion bouncing into a trouble for I don't mean either always read the bag why did the band all the power not less than eight not did not want the back but really a double play everyone bounces into yes this is one more out here's why here's why it's a nice play V. catch exchange transfer and for a by Jonathan scope the third baseman all the second base like compassion so I'm in my mid nineteenth nervous breakdown is too great bold step on third not that big of a deal easy but the catch step thrown and get over there nice play by scope and they were both like that the plant second very close very close judges sliding in judge said a random over back in the day Jerry that without a been a triple play because Erin judge should take him out six seven four three that's true would have plowed right into that do do you thing John of let's say because you don't have to slide let's say judge decides not to slide you think scope so first of all his face yeah I think he does too yeah and I don't want to take a ball in the face it's really the only way you can take out a double play at the right so I don't slide have you reading tubal just don't fight in may to have make god the second base with all ball right if you're headed your face yeah play I'm is nice bye bye greatest player ever now walk the pattern and shot sterling was soul journalist bothered by the fact that they bouncing into double plays triple play right just call themselves first inning no lies Jerry yeah first and second nobody out I want to see cease about these still there who's given up all their hot mops that are going out of there just under fierce doesn't help right the ground balls nice plays are getting guys out may you give us we can take him out of two innings all right he was fine just whatever gave up a lot along with a bunch of home run slot for for him a silly five total for the twins yesterday I'm actually surprised now when there's a ball that sit near that doesn't go out yeah okay Wadham just carried out the big the worst example of that this year was that ball that Todd Frazier Deana Melling down who's not a muscular strong upper body guy right right was down on one knee and wave died at home right and then two days later through the bat in discussed because he thought he popped up to left and it another home run ball right so all right that's what it is now what he and it is what it is yeah Tom Brady's taken some social media he Gerry did you see these idiots that that one and do you he was in Costa Rica with this family and it wasn't poisoned by alcohol abuse about story about Costa Rica no I didn't see that they confiscated thirty thousand bottles of liquor from the area I thought from Tom Brady is there had sixteen people die from alcohol poisoning alcohol tainted another reason just to buy American made that's what I do everything Jerry isn't Tito's distilled in Texas could be anyway go ahead so Tom Brady was with the family Costa Rica there's video of him and his six year old daughter yes jumping off jumping off a cliff they make it seem like he's four hundred feet in the air he'd seen hide it may not that high it will take is fifty feet like hold on everybody this is a really weird take a look fine well he jumped off into a lake yeah but the problem is no problem there is a problem because they don't video it that's the she hesitated on the jump so then when he jumped he really dragged the six year old daughter behind them right and then for longer into the water yes and a lot of people were not happy with him a lot thousands of people are not happy with them like you said though you said it looked like fun it does look like fun thank god my father was an into this fund for yet holding we happy the boring man your neck I would for your now on him Goran in my arm and diving off a cliff in Costa Rica every June the card from alos dad happy father's day thanks for nothing like seriously yeah thank you for nothing I do appreciate you for not forcing me into nonsense I don't want to do anything fun the most I ever had to do was hold the flashlight while he fixed the carburetor to put pathetic duty at he really got a hold this why he should get a med games we will go once a year once a year did you pack the picnic basket knowing the Shea Stadium no zero double header knowing your mom pack sandwiches no we would go to night games Porsche most people do alcohol in which you live in at Wrigley Field and I remember back if this was like eighty two eighty three the ride to queens washed properly you'd see cars on the side of the road completely shut and in my head as I go back I probably just got a flight some gangs came over when strip the car moved last week right no we went to my aunt and uncle took me to my first met game in nineteen eighty one or two I forget it was against the Dodgers Fernando Valenzuela panel we got there because of traffic in the third inning the game was an hour and fifty one minutes I think we were there for forty five cents and gone away all right yes there are back to back in your car and I also remember going to back day once I still have the bad it's a blue mats back right and I remember being back on the train and I was like all these people have train ads have bags you were scored at a young age yeah that's why I don't do anything now did you see Jerry a thief thief thief yeah a thief in the night I feel bad for these people not the thief robbed the arena football team Westchester rush jazz to the New York streets we do commercials for them yeah it is very good during the game thieves robbed the opposing team to the streets I still felt it might take a cash cast boy these robbers I would think honestly that guys playing arena football are doing it for the love of the game they're getting paid main get rich they're able to for the dream they still think they've got a shot they're all they all think they're Kurt Warner and while going to call precedent set right wonder did it why can't why can't me that's exactly where I know whatever they got robbed three grand the thieves made off that's all yeah can I give a little suggestion to the arena football is sure hire a security guard you watch the lockers cameras or cameras I suppose they said that it's happened a number of times real again hire somebody yes to look it over terra it's terrible I mean I have a camera my place you could put cameras everywhere in an apartment building yeah al has a fly go by his camera he's been he's being overtaken by sounds like thinks he's being over one time I thought the camera caught a ghost and that's still up for debate it's not up for debate you all voted down was a mall we don't know that you do know that I've slowed it down and showed me except I've never seen them off in my place interesting because it went to die we used to fear all the time if if your clothing was in the closet that mall market we we got to take out a sure any you've got for it I like you search the four thousand shirts some like that your stock T. shirts from the blasting of your thousand is a bit of an overstatement but I would say a couple thousand no I would say about three hundred have you that's all he's got one for every day of the year but three is three hundred sixty five she'll have you ever taken out a shirt at the bottom of the pile put it on any all hole in the armpit your summer yeah absolutely what's in his home a mall or from Washington where I believe it's the washer work because I haven't seen any evidence of moss our grandmothers still believe in Los that's why they have them all malt balls off balls good news malls they're not eating our clothes bad news is everything smells like men fall down did you ever use those if you have a stuffy nose what's all the mothballs when they tried to compete with mothballs cedar chips who bought those I did in my classes what should dispose better much better the month mills much better I'm off but we got to take it for you we're gonna sort out the moth balls and we come back G. joins us six of the fat.

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