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Yeah you guys voted on mass thank you very much and suddenly i went from fifth in my category too i within a few days i think that probably had the effect of galvanizing some of the other people especially alec baldwin i think he mobilized the boldys whatever they're called now he is in first position and i'm trailing second still a few days left to register your votes i think the deadline is the nineteenth of april and i will put a link opin it to my twitter feed so it should be at the top of my twitter feed they're a simple link that you will be able to click on and then cost you vote for me or whoever else you wish to vote full maybe it's so proud maybe it's bold win adam buxton app news now occasionally people will get in touch with me and also where they can hear some of the great great sponsor jingles that i have made in the past all the great squarespace jingle the vegetarian shoes song the argument on the train for both headphones at cetera et cetera because of course the sponsor reads rotate on this podcast burned in as it were they come and go but now you can hear a selection of some of my favorites on the adam buxton app of free app which has all sorts of goodies on there and quite a few of the jingles from the podcast and now the sponsor jingles and reads as well if you are unbelievably thank you very much indeed to really quite something who have developed the app and maintaining it really appreciate their continued support there is some paid for content on the app a bonus episode of the pud cost in which i chat to garth jennings i think it's ninetynine you have to pay to listen to that but.

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