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On the ipod. Trigo on herself is wrong with that. Now i i'm excited because i think you guys coming into the emo businesses what the business needs it needs some good wholesome independent manufacturers and folks get into it that i think can offer a fresh perspective because the marketing and the gun businesses. Terrible as you know. It's fucking awful. I blasted davidson's yo day one of the biggest distributors in the gun industry. They're doing a show. They have like one gun on the wall. Like this like it's just companies. Don't get it because the gun industries just overrun with too many old white guys. Yeah really well think about it you know. Think about this. You know media There's too many. There's a gap between the thirty five thirty to forty five year olds. That have really started to understand media and understand how to how to use media to make a living and then you have the fifty five year old guys. Too much of a gap in those guys are in charge. I don't know a guy over sixty that understands what's going on with streaming with twin with all these different avenues that we have available to us to take advantage of when you sit with these guys. They still think the path to make money is to show. Yeah and that's harmful absolutely the the twenty thousand booth imagine putting that into media. It's crazy so they don't get it in this explaining it to them. They still see the shortsightedness of where it's going when everybody's going into streaming you think. Jeff bezos stupid. Do think the ceo disney is stupid. Why do we see so much manet activity in streaming. That's the way that it's going the. Nra has failed us. They've not given us a platform big enough to to speak to. So it's a problem to huge problem. So when you come into this business. There's a lot of barriers of entry. There's a lot of hold ups and some of them are sourcing not knowing where to get started. And that's why having her so critical but you see what i mean. 'cause 'cause you eliminate the logistics like you said the little things you know we're all the crumbs are to fall and part of the problem. Is that disconnect when you sit in a meeting with those guys and you start explaining what streaming is what it can lead to the different types of avenues that you can go down media wise and marketing wise. You run into such a roadblock because they wanna buy like daniel defense they but marty does a better job but they want to buy a urinal cake in the bathroom. You know what i mean like. They think that's marketing it. That's that's a different component. So you're up against that animal of old school. We can buy banner at a at a matching. That's why like america's slowly getting kind of disarmed. Right now is because the new generations not getting into as much a great question. No i think we're gonna lose them. We're gonna lose huge. Oh fuck yeah. We're gonna lose all our gun rights you know why democrats aren't stupid where we're just dumber. We're just dumber. I'm gonna tell you why we're gonna lose are so good at media and how they know how to just get a good at flood. I'm going to throw this at you. Listen to this. we're going to lose. Because you have people like charlie kirk that. Get up there and they want to argue with people over the meaning of ar fifteen. Yeah that's why. We're going to lose. And i love charlie's been on the show trial. He's a huge asset to the party. But here's the problem. That's not the argument..

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