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The russia probe more white house shakeups i'm anne cates democrats are responding to republicans on the house intelligence committee who concluded there was no collusion between russia and the trump campaign california congressman adam schiff is a ranking democrat on the panel with the majority on the intelligence committee did was go through the motions of an investigation call in witnesses but allow them to refuse to answer questions allow them to invoke nonexistent privileges or simply declined to answer because the witness didn't deem the question relevant tour because they would rather not say hours after firing secretary of state rex tillerson the president may take a next at veterans affairs leader david schulkin correspondent kaitlan collins tom's veterans of affairs agency has been embroiled in several scandals including ones that involved the secretary himself it's become begins a really frustrate the president and now he's looking at not only getting rid of him but who he's going to replace him with am one name that he has floated is the energy secretary rick perry president trump has checked out prototypes for his border wall these smugglers the traffickers the gang members they're all taking refuge the president making a case against sanctuary policies and for his border wall and saying you will also save the taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars reducing crime drug flow welfare fraud and burdens on schools and hospitals some estimates are it will cost as much as seventeen million dollars per mile for the nineteen hundred mile wall by the way he prefers he says the see through feature of some of the prototypes and the round top on others to prevent scaling the wall jim roope los angeles federal appeals court has upheld the bulk of a texas law targeting sanctuary cities that is backed by the trump administration as part of a crackdown on illegal immigration on wall street the dow fell one hundred seventy two points the sp down eighteen the nasdaq off seventy seven i'm ann cates from your breaking news station artilery molin brink at the new mexico honda dealers news desk richard ellensburg is out as chairman of the new mexico democratic party announced his resignation today ellensburg.

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