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Help and matt sharp. Thank you so much for the work you do and for being on the program. Thanks for having me art. Long Can you believe that james tour they folks today in our one We had james tour might feature him prominently in my new book. Is atheism dead. There is nobody like him. In fact he sort of responsible for my writing the book. I'm not kidding. He and stephen collins the archaeologist the two of them were. What made me think you know what i need to write this book. i I hope you've pre-ordered several copies if you wanna do your christmas shopping. Now who's gonna stop you if you go to Eric metaxas dot com the baker book link. There may be others. But that one i know is fourteen ninety seven. That's forty five percent offer. The book folks. Nobody is coming near that. So if you want to buy multiple copies you wanna preorder multiple copies. How long that price will last. You understand that's ridiculous. beg my friends. I'm going to buy it get it now. Do the christmas shopping now because grouchy foul. She might cancel christmas again this year. So get it now early. That's right that's right. It's part of the lusa ferrying agenda. We can't talk about that. Let's case so. Here's the here's the point i wanna make. We are doing a fundraiser. With the alliance defending freedom We need to hit it hard for some reason. I know people are probably fatigued. But i want to say that if you give money lines defending freedom. You're basically helping yourself in your country. Because they are fighting for religious liberty. I can never stress it enough and it always sounds like maybe. I'm exaggerating. folks. This is the central issue of our time. Liberty in general but religious liberty is under attack without religious liberty such as we have had for these two hundred and fifty years. Almost we cease to be america. Now if you've read my book if you can keep it you'll understand that a little bit. That is who we are. We have effectively ignored these these ideas. Because we've said oh we're so blessed and we're so free well in the midst of taking her eyes off the ball. Some dark forces have come in who see things differently. And your average americans. Having to fight like crazy simply to preserve his or her freedoms religious liberty is is at the top of the list. I mean people are being threatened by attorney. General merrick garland if they did. I mean you know all the stuff you hear in the news every day. If you want to do something about it please folks. I don't care. I said the other day. If it's the widow's mite or the widows twenty thousand. We hope you understand how serious this is. And when people say what can i do. I don't think it gets clearer than this right here. If you give money lines defending freedom. They're defending our religious liberty. And it's not like there's a raft of these folks out there okay. This is a tiny handful of organizations. That do this pro bono. They take on these cases My employees katie madonna They have gone to eighty f- because of a horrible thing that they are going through right now with an employer trying to force them to take an experimental jabs. So like if you get a blood clot or you die. What can we tell you jam. You want to keep your job. We don't care. I'm just telling you whatever you think of it the vaccine. This is not america when people are forcing you to do stuff like this and if you don't understand that you're not doing your homework. That's a fact what i just said i can give you chapter and verse but not now we need.

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