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Right here to podcasts season. Eleven episode five out of the ashes. Yes and i think. I went first last time with ratings. Deny ele. I think you did. Because i actually went back and listen to our episode of ashrawi and we will get to the reason why i did that later because you know i hate listening to myself right okay off so i rated this episode the same as i rated like the last two episodes i rated it four beautiful eyelashes. Oh mercer has beautiful eyelashes slashes s. I was like wait. A minute doesn't even have beautiful island. What was your rating. I read a quite a bit lower. And i feel like it needs to justify this by saying i am going to steal the language that you usually used for me. This was in very middle book episode. And now it's actually kind of making me. Rethink my reading of rendition. I'm like should i rate rendition. Even lower than i rated this episode or should i go back and rate rendition higher because it was actually a better episode than i thought because i was so impassioned about it even though i was really mad so not really sure where my reading of renison stands but this was three point zero one. Gus morgan zombies out of five. It was really math for me. So i will tell you that. Rendition has been the lowest rated episode of the season thus far with a seven point eight And of course ratings are all based on how many have rated it So right now. It's got a seven point. Eight with about thirty. One hundred ratings out of ashes has eight point three with just over twenty to fifty so yeah Astronaut part two has been the highest rated. It's nine point zero right now. So is that the one that you went back and watched yes. It's the episode. I went back and listened to the biters episode for all right. I have to apologize in advance. Kinda sniffly no. I don't have cova..

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