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In a sense of votes chipped away oh no you have a chippy in the cat i i've i envision a sculpture of a cat that's been chipped away those just of laos just a sort of visual i had okay so cat chipped in it has all of your personal information on their so it's easy to prove its yours right exactly okay all right i handed it to him who deal was it was an oral agreement used to hold onto her a week he got in trouble with your property manager because he can't keep a cab he gave the cat away to somebody we texted me that he give us as much he said i've cooked cowie to a place where away were she'll be geared core okay you know where do you know where the cat is actually i do if a friend of fair enough in your question and your question is okay in my will all suit i'm asking for specific performance don't do it all claims courtenay small smallclaims scored they won't do it they won't notes only money damages because what you're asking is not specific performance by the way specific performance is different what you want is a quote just an order an injunction if you will or a a mandatory order from the court specific performance has to do with contractual issues this is not a contract issue so at it has to do with usually real property and it has to do with it it's a little complicated in terms of what's not fungible and unique properties in specific performance by what you have termed quite baomin good point yeah just to hear you what you're you're unfortunately and have to go to a a superior court judge that's all a yeah you have no choice and and if you choose your i'm sorry if you're a judge agrees with me i mean cooper clamped up i understand what it's a small claims court the court the small claims court doesn't issue specific performance orders they can't do it okay and all the damages well why don't you just kidnapped the cat back i know i know where she is grabbed a kenwood but i don't want to jump of cranston break away window will do all that surprised you know i'm going go jail does it do.

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