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After that one does mother let her go to the ballpark on her own as long as she brought home a ticket, Anna completed scorecard to show that she actually had attended the game. One does mom didn't know how to read a scorecard, but wanted she learned from the best. We always went for batting practice. We went early. I was filling out my scorecard with the lineups and Kurt gowdy. You remember who Kirk out he was Kurt gowdy. He was the voice of the Red Sox from nineteen fifty one through nineteen sixty six. He came over to me and he said, do you know how to fill up that scorecard? And I was like, no, a new said, well, let me show you how we do it in the both. And he showed me how to draw this little diamond and how to put in when a person hit a single and if they were caught stealing and all this other stuff. And he said, now the next time I see you. I'm going to make sure you're doing it right petrified. I thought he was going to come back and give me forty lashes or something if I did it wrong, and he came back a few weeks later when we were batting practice and he looked down and he said, how's it going? And I said, I think I'm doing good, and he said, okay, well, show me then I showed me goes, you're doing fine. Yeah, you doing good. I just thought that was absolutely fabulous. You know that Kirkcaldy taught me how to score and he gave me a so that must've really inspired you to keep going. It did. Yeah, it did. Along the way. One got the idea that maybe she could be more than just a fan of her beloved Red Sox after all. She was a good writer. Her first letter to the editor praising the local lifeguards was published when she was in the second grade. I thought, you know, I would really like to be a sports writer, and I think that I could do it even though I'm a woman, Wanda went to the library and look through the index cards to try to figure out if there were any women writing about sports. She found a few, but not many. My mother said, you might as well try to be president then be a woman sports writer. And I said, well, maybe I should try to be president. I don't know. You know. When she got to high school, Wanda started writing about baseball for the school newspaper. She compared her articles to the ones the boys were writing. She thought hers were better, then came the summer of nineteen sixty five. Neither one of my friends who was one of my baseball companions was available to go to the game. So I went by myself, Wanda state until the very end of the game. She mingled in the players parking lot getting autographs. And as she was leaving, she spotted Rick Reich heart. And I said, oh, aren't you the center fielder for the California Angels, Rick Ryecart? And he said, well, yes, so him Wanda and recruit headed across the bridge Kenmore square. Rick was on his way to his hotel, Wanda needed to take the trolley to the train to the two buses that would take her home. I said, my goal was to be a sports writer, and I remember him actually stopping walking, and I think it was because he knew I was going to get on the train. If we kept walk. Talking and he wanted to make sure that he got his. He wanted to make sure I got the point that's when Rick Ryecart center fielder for the California Angels told Wanda Fisher sixteen year old from Weymouth, Massachusetts, something that would change the course of her life. You know, you seem like a really nice girl. He said, you know, the guys really don't want women in the locker room or the clubhouse, and they're going to give you hard time. I don't want to say, don't do it. I'm just telling you that this is what you're going to be up against an I thanked him and he went to Kenmore hotel or the vault play state. And I went down into the subway to get on the trolley on the long ride home, Wanda thought about what Reich heart had said. She decided to follow his advice and not pursue a career in sports writing. Later win, Jim Bowden's book ball, four came out and she read about what went on and baseball's club houses..

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