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Like money, and I'd like to show you like skinny tires slug. So I'll drive the agreement as nor of a no plastic. You know what he gave Great. Mom, I gotta get my day. She knew my life isn't all my juice got. He said she holding my work. Maybe fucking public everything. But I have another making says he never heard my would never see this hurt could be in my eyes. Will you tell me that is nine to play a game? Talk for the life? No, baby to a better some minute teacher. Me crazy crazy and I've heard nothing else pays me. I like money, honey. Like that. So he likes skin time. So so I gave it as in our lives. No rubbing no class you nobody keep my mom. I gotta keep my day Stop swollen machine on my word influencing woman, My bird. She's sitting on my face taking off. You know my name, discuss making sure she First I had to get it in before she went to work and no chase can nobody replaced missile. She make it then I'm like a missile. Every time that his up was tasked me fight open dressmaking craft to me all over your back like that, baby, Just like that. Didn't know you could get fight at my mom. Uh, sure. So, uh, so I graduate. I gave you this last. No rubbing. No China's gonna get right, Mama. Gotta keep my baby. All right. Little baby. Our morning? Yeah. Is Ellis hip Hop Morning Show one. Oh, six. Got mornings lead ladies number one for hip hop. Maybe I am in there. There's a no doc guano, Mary. I am. Then I day out. Sorry, day or day. What any man get it married and they get sweated me. Maybe ladies and gentlemen, the No, No, no, the product man. Anywhere I pull up. I know that you're showing no business acting, Clodagh. I'm acting grown up. Activity end up in the day. You don't miss me. You miss access is evident playing the victim role. And then you really selling there? Because why you only hear me when you're drunk, though, when the club closed and you went about the front door. This was just finding out what isn't even fun though. Baby, I'm from Kellyanne. You know they raised me Cut, though. Why you only hear me when you're drunk when the club closed window but the front door Just for fun. And now it isn't even fun, though. Baby, I'm from Cali and you know they raised me Cut the baby in my bungalow is a bread. That is she do my deed. I'll need to Lubango Does a damn the daughter missing me,.

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