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Thirty four degrees durojaiye roads gift throwing up four seventy five seventy eight now on down where i loaded down southeast of jersey they did get a fair amount of which but it was or southeast the philly in jersey they did get a fair amount of wet snow but the only way i knew it was a looking at the driveway were they followed it when i went to step out of my truck it was about six inches deep on that's step but throat your good now rate will arm at and they've been good since i got up near thinking i remember back on your debt was doing it before we had so far on an eight satellite radio back when we did the old a um deal and then the truck stop bill into read i'll thing so we get on the radio either at a pay phone her yeah you know and i've i've i've looked at it a gps at my satellite and trying to figure out if i could even remember how we get this free for all of the electrons at all orient when we had to get out of the truck could there'd be payphone than every cable oh no only different world and it's hard to remember you know how many years have you been doing this that you did it with your dad and then you get it on your your go ahead i started with ninety six and it goes a black i remember those were the days when while things were still a lot different here too we we weren't still use and records we had carts look like a little a track things but yet digital didn't even exist on i i remember the days when my dad would talk about one of these days truck drivers are gonna have computers in their truck and i said a security character nuts what are you talking at the door get whatever happened you know i remember my wondering bit diamond jerry go on night out barrack there eighty six on aidi and pennsylvania and they had a tv room way by what are you came in at the fuel but now they had a long haul way down through there to go to the restaurant and we won't.

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