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That they're generating and I am baffled by it in a lot of ways. This is like the concern I had about them taking severe Wheeler. Like all of the severe Wheeler concerns bore themselves out on the court against Notre-Dame whenever he's the one running the show as opposed to sci-fi Washington at the end of this game. And I understand why there is a hesitancy based off of quality of competition with Tai Tai after we saw the bad duke game where Trevor kills just completely locked him up. Right. And yeah, kills did a phenomenal job on Thai Thai. Now, here's what I will say. Tie tie is a high level shooter. That's all translated so far. Like he's shooting 38% from three. He's a good mid range shooter and he's shooting 80 plus percent of the foul line. We believe in the jumper with tie tie, right? Yeah, I do. Certainly the mid range and we're shooting 38% from three and once you balance that, I was even higher after that bad dude came so yes. Still with it. He's playing essentially as a two man and has like a two to one assist turn of ratio. He's averaging three and a half assists per game, something like that? And in the moments where he gets a chance to make plays, like there's a real vision there, right? Like we've seen quite a bit. And on top of it, he's 6 foot three with like a 6 foot 9 wingspan, 6 foot ten wingspan, something like that. He has real positional size he is real positional length. He has real change of pace ability off the bounce. Like, I don't think he's quite as good of a ball handler as Kennedy Chandler and as he's probably pretty close to JD Davison in terms of technical craft, ball handling ability wise, he's probably a little bit better to be honest. JD's just like a lightning athlete and is like crazy out of ball screens. With his ability to get downhill, but tie tie in terms of technical craft, probably a lovable Kennedy Chandler, but he's so much bigger and longer and stronger that he just has a real, he's a real marginal advantage in those moments that Kennedy just doesn't have that like ability to fall back on because of the size. I think he's a better finisher at the basket. I love the way process is the game. I do think he like, look, if we're calling Jade ivey, a point guard. Or if we're calling Jaden IV a two guard like there's no way we should be calling tie tie it point guard either. They're the same to me positionally. Like they might place in point, they might place a mothball, we'll see, but I think they're both points at the end of the day, like personally. I think they're both going to play a lot of one. And I really have seen nothing from Thai Thai or since that duke game at least. That gives me cause for concern. The duke game was a worry. But he looks pretty good outside of that. I think he's been great. And then on top of it, like lest we forget the track record of Kentucky guards outperforming their collegiate trust the data production is pretty high. We've now got the manual quickly, who was great in college, but like, you know, a guy that we did not have a huge positive expectation of success in the NBA..

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