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Mighty mighty nice six after six o'clock. So we told you the first televised debate has been announced for the primary winners in Rhode Island's governor's race. And also for the independent democratic incumbent Gina Raimondo to Republican challenger Ellen fun. Go at it again along with independent Joe Trillo all set to debate at Roger Williams, university Bristol campus, seven o'clock on September, the twenty seventh debate to be aired on eyewitness news. Tim white will moderate that Tim. Does such a great job at these things these things difficult. They are not easy debate controlling a debate is not an easy thing to do. And this should be an interesting one among those three democrat, incumbent, Gina Raimondo. The to town Republican challenger Ellen Fung, and Joe Trillo, who's not a bashful guy. So that should be very very interesting seven minutes after six o'clock Patrik Andersson of the pro-jo says sexual assault allegations against US supreme court nominee. Brad kavanagh. Have brought very different responses from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse in his Republican challenger in the upcoming election as former judge Robert Flanders White House who sits on the Senate Judiciary committee poised to confirm Cavanaugh said Sunday that the committee should pause to hear the allegations. Brought forward by a professor who says she was attacked in highschool by president Donald Trump's pick. And of course, both the accuser and cavenaugh will testify on Monday. Now says here White House says I admire the courage that she has shown in coming forward with a story. Her name is Christine Ford, by the way. She's a professor White House said in a statement this requires a pause at a minimum in the unseen. Keenly special interest funded rush to put bread Cavanaugh on the court Kavanagh's blanket denial cannot be reconciled with her specific recollections and the FBI needs time to take proper witness statements. He says lying to the FBI an agent in a formal interviews a crime, and it's an impeachable offense. Will thanks for pointing that out. Flanders initially dismissed the allegations against cavenaugh as uncorroborated allegations uncharged and uncomplaining of misconduct. That are quote, not a sufficient basis to delay much less derail his confirmation to the supreme court, but on Monday, the former state supreme court Justice issued a new statement bringing up former democrat Senator Al Franken, but changing his position to say the judiciary committee should here. Forged his story. He said the last minute nature of these decade old allegations raised real questions about well. Sheldon Whitehouse new, and what he knew it now that we know Democrats and reporters have had this information for some time. So I agree with Senator Graham that the committee should hear directly. From the accuser. So the public can know all the facts, and that's what's going to happen. Come monday. So those two are going back and forth. That's going to be an interesting race Flanders against White House. I think so after a heated debate in a hearing yesterday in north Smithfield, the town council there has okayed a Nike proposal check this one out and tell me if this makes a heck of a lot of sense to you here is she shoot over my witness news. Yes. Motion passes on the birthday of the constitution of the United States North Smithfield. Residents raise questions surrounding the first amendment right for those athletes and all Americans to protest is one. We all pledged to defend with our lives. If necessary the controversy comes after former Rhode Island state trooper town council president John Burghard introduced a resolution requesting town departments were framed from purchasing Nike products after the company selected Colin Kaepernick as a Representative in their new ad soldiers. Teachers a role models. Overpaid athletes, playing the games of children are not role models presidents take the podium defending the former NFL players choice to take a knee during the national anthem saying he's protesting social injustices has a member of the school committee. I think often of our students I believe a vote for this measure is intended or not going to send a message to our students that it is acceptable for government to punish speech council. President Burghardt says this isn't about football or the national anthem. It's about negative things. Capper Nick has allegedly said about law enforcement so far this year over one hundred police officers have been killed in the line of duty Nike's use of the slogan believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything is an insult to every one of those police officers and every one of their family members council voted in favor of the resolution leaving the crowd shot and the ACLU just sent us. A statement calling the decision by the town shameful. However town officials say this is a simple request. So for example, if the football team would like to purchase a nineteen jersey because it's cheaper. They can go ahead and do so with no punishment. So what's the point was the.

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