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In a in a in a league well we don't value running backs anymore look it would dynamic running backs have done for the young quarterbacks in their offense oh it's it's it added at a separate point with the names that you mention of marshall fog i think that there is a sense in the nfl and i'm sorry guys i'm going to go completely off topic but i've been on this for years and years and years the value of guys in the nfl that you mention the value of a guy like fred taylor of a guy like warrick dunn of guys who were able to catch but ricky watters another we took that for granted here of of guys who could run an catch the ball now we don't even want a guy solely running the bar he's got to have another backfield mate yes almost in you see todd girlie may be taking a screen pass and going seventy yards your oh my gosh i haven't seen that for twenty years were there are there is a whole era of guys doing as what it was yet and and edgerrin james is having a difficult time trying to crack through to the hall of fame he ended up following marshalls footsteps who's in the hall of fame but there is a whole era of running vacs during that time that i don examiner yeah then they're not get the credit of what of really what they were doing because the numbers were so astronomical if terrell davis can get into the hall of fame on the span of three seasons where he was buried years priest holmes should be inconsiderable them everything that he did or the kansas city it was tremendous in and so that's the era that's the because i know what that type of running back means to an offense in a society in in in in in a time an nfl were all the onus is put on a quarterback we've seen we may not talk about it is much and we deal with dallas a little bit because it's dallas and we always talking about dallas but the fact that you can take a guy in hand him the ball and he can give positive yards every time he's die merrick he can make one guy.

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