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This show is proudly sponsored by coincidence. Come that you with the largest range of cryptic conscious. Anyway in the strain market with an ad verification process. You can never be verified using only your driver's laws all possible within seconds, you can instantly deposit funds and instantly not buying and selling your favorite cryptocurrencies in under five minutes coins. Giving away ten dollars worth of free beacon for H verified user, once they make their first deposit. Just go to coin spot dot com that I you four such Batee see one-two-three. Betrayed a call crypto show talking business in Jane. Everybody will be the great wakened starting strike headfirst into Monday. And I'm gonna be honest. I've I've not had a look at the markets really over the weekend. Little look on Saturday of it really took some time to step back and. Enjoy the weekend. Really excuse me. So why don't we right now? Look the way it was left lost wake. Was effectively bitcoin had full and I caught a bit on the things Thursday, the twenty fifth, and and then the next day of the very next day. We came back up three point seven four percent. So we recovered quantum fit bit of what had come off. And and right now, a sitting back up at five thousand four hundred seventy seven thousand five thousand really held the we didn't even get down to five thousand to a low of five thousand fifty five on the next shop, and since then we've we've moved back high at once again now the way that shots looking right now, it's still not ready to give me a great deal of satisfaction from trading point of it. It still looks very much like that. If in writes in new highs now, we would still be divergent there on that daily timeframe if I look at the four hour timeframe as well mulcahy's through that. Excuse me, the frog. I start this morning. You'll say that those are very radical self. I in fact, that that might solve what happened on the twenty fifth having basically two one out candles since then it's come back and we asked on the bit of resemblance of an up trend on the lower timeframes. But for me right now, there's nothing strong enough to really warrant may taking any risk. The bitcoin county sitting at five thousand four hundred seventy eight dollars at one point full one percent. A theory inverse similar. It's recovered all about the pretty much all of the full. All the the losses from earlier in the wake sorry light last week. And the thing is is kind of a downtrend. Now, you know looking across multiple time firms in the twelve s a little cradle kennel in the sorry little silicon in the kreisls. I'm I'm looking to sell the. Not looking to be shorting at this point in time. Just yet even though it has come back and rejected that one sixty four level. Again. I'm still looking to white and see what happens when respect to this theory market. If I go to sorry, and it's down. So it's outpoint tune on the percents sitting one hundred and sixty three dollars a offs is one that I was looking to show a loss waken currently. You know, again, it's pulled back a little bit is this photos up nearly one percent right now. The look at the daily we are in a downturn. We haven't come back. I'm ultimately I'd love to see it come back and retest five dollars. Get a rate test of five dollars. The what that potentially allows the opportunity for me to be effectively looking for a short dead eights note day, just yet still is down point three percent. And it has pulled back into that cradles on on the daily. Looking to the twelve hour a nozzle bearish candle the couple of things going on that Lou quite decent. However can't really short still up against the dollar at this stage. In Tom is up one point one five percent sitting back thirty cents hovering just above that twenty nine level of support. We have because I'm Tom again. It's a pretty messy ugly. Looking jot. Like on one of the larger foles in the top ten tonight. It's a seventy two dollars flat down two point five percents. That Dan TRAN is there. It did come back and read seventy forty below seventy four now obviously at seventy two, but it's not one. I'm looking to try them, and it's gonna get down three seventy dollars and sixty cents before looked to that as there is a slot consolidation that four out. Bitcoin cash is rolled further. Again, it hasn't broken into a daily downturn. The four hours in a downtrend not the strongest of down transit's county sitting at two hundred and sixty five dollars down two point two two percent. Bonnet is hovering around twenty three dollars. Now. It's interesting on this bonnet chop. It's still holding in his cradles on consolidating along that role. So long that section. They it's a it's a mock that I've been keeping it on the two-day has a wonderful little bullish candle. Rod there in that cradles on right now doesn't look too bad at all. It's count up two point nine three percent at twenty three nights. Since one. I'm keeping an eye on mommy, focusing on might look to the focused on this low time friends can get uptrend come into play. But more lighter on the day. John's up point four two of percent, and the John John on a daily messy sitting dinner at two point full sense of very ugly looking chart again. I must say nothing of real interested for me at this moment in time Donna has grand lower over the weekend. We do have a market that he's down three point two four percent over the last twenty four hours in the trading. Edite it some it look at that could have been a potential for a short. They're back on the twenty is a couple of days ago. Also yesterday that being said, you know, if you not they can't try it all wasn't there. I couldn't try it's been following that cradles on really really nicely infect old white damn so cross the whole market right now is relatively flat in looks as whiting a little while to say just what can go on here. Just what bitcoin does next will we continue to grind higher. Or will? We say once again the rest of the market lades bitcoin in its drive law at bitcoin will need to catch up. Well, I can tell you right now, there's nitrites on the top ten on willing to place at this moment in time. Happy to sit back watch 'em white to see a bit more clarity at the guys. If you haven't already guys jump across tried to call dot com. We've got some amazing beaten faces in afraid of the most. But if you want to pay the money and do the training. Hey, that's up to you have a great day Baath now. The traded cub crypto podcast is hosted by Craig called to cope courses products and tools can be found at Tradenkov dot com. Because experience met is. This

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