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Dreamed that the public gathered to mourn, a sudden and unexpected presidential death. Lehman never mentioned the supposed prophetic dream until decades after the assassination, and as this conversation took place privately between the two men. No one else has been able to confirm that Lincoln ever claimed to have foreseen his death. This very well could have been exaggeration or a complete fiction on layman's, part premonition or not Lincoln had good. Good reason to fear attack at the time. His assassination came only five days after general Lee surrender at the app Matic's courthouse, effectively ending the civil war passions were high on both sides of the north-south divide and many in Lincoln's government had reason to vehemently disagree with his plans for southern reconstruction Lincoln's administration was often just as divided as the country, a blend of Democrats and Republicans northerners and southerners Lincoln's appointments had helped him get elected by appealing to a broad swath of voters. But now the vastly differing viewpoints within his government meant that finding a consensus was even more difficult than in a traditional administration. Some of Lincoln's officials like has secretary of war, Edwin Stanton, saw slavery as a great evil in wanted to see the south punished for its treason. Others vice president Andrew Johnson who was from Tennessee. I felt that the losses in the civil war and the blow to the southern economy demand. Patient proclamation entailed were punishment enough Johnson campaign for a more benevolent form of reconstruction these deep divisions in dangerous times led to one of the most unbelievable assassinations in history. We'll explore the night of the assassination right after this. And now back to the story. Lincoln invited general Ulysses s grant in grants wife. Julia to join him and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln for performance of a comedy called our American cousin. Grant was a national hero. After the end of the civil war. Lincoln wouldn't see an upsurge in his own popularity until after his death. But the celebratory mood after the war's conclusion left many patriotic Americans eager to see the victorious president and general in a public appearance. Their attendance at the play was well publicized by the local papers. And they both intimidated a large crowd at the theater, but the night of the play General Grant and his wife cancelled their plans today, we're not sure what spur the grants to skip the play. But it may have been due to Julia grant and Mary Todd Lincoln's animosity toward one another in lieu of the grants. Mary Todd instead invited another military. General Henry Rathbone? And his fiancee Clara Harris at the time. Lincoln secretary of state Edwin Stanton was responsible for ensuring Lincoln safety.

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