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Hi everybody it's me. Your best friend dungeon master all around Cool Dude Travis Maccarone. I hope you all are enjoying episode. The four of the adventures zone graduation. I've got a lot of information to share with you someone to jump right in I you may have missed it. But we're doing an adventure zone balance balance Board game. It's a cooperative Storytelling card game. It's incredibly fun rules. Light easy to learn You don't need a dungeon master. Everybody creates their own characters expands on the world of balance And you can pre-order it now at the adventures own game dot COM com We made it with together studios who you may know. The also are the ones who made Ila Matt which is one of my favorite board games effort for That preorder is going to be going For about another month a little over a month now But go ahead and get yours. The Adventures on Game Dot Com. It's Super Fun and also people are going to be doing live streams of it to demonstrate how to play it so we'll be tweeting about those and announcing those to make check that out And also another big announcement. Our first live shows. Twenty twenty are coming up or doing my so both chose in Cincinnati Eddie. There's a very good reason for that at that point. I'll have a kid who's about six weeks old so I'm not up to traveling so we're going to do shows but we're going to do in my hometown downtown. So Cincinnati February nineteenth redoing. My brother my brother and me and February twentieth. We're doing the adventures zone Tickets go on sale this Friday Friday December twentieth at noon local time so that'll be noon eastern If you want to see links and everything they'll be up at Matt MACARONI ACURA DOT family. And you can click on tours. And they'll be right there. Don't miss it it's GONNA be Super Fund also Had A bunch of names in this episode a tale. The placements teacher was named for Kale. Hint Thorn At it's me. Kale Jared Reginald was named for Jared coning At jared strange on twitter candice is named for Candice Ford at Candy Cat and Jay Johnson who you will meet shortly is named for Jay Johnson at I believe pappy skelly And thank you to everybody. Who sent in items for Barnes and Nobles We got literally thousands So thank you so much. A one last announcement the next APP will be another live one for candle nights and then we'll be back in the new year with episode five Before I let you go. I want to tell you about quit. I I love quips so much it makes my teeth feel wonderful. It's nice to Pamper your teeth from time to time. And it's the holiday season and it's not too late to get quip for someone you love including yourself you should love yourself. They have a okay so their toothbrushes. I'm sure you know about these. Because you're listening to podcasts. They have gentle vibrations and bills timer to help you With your dental health. But they also now have a floss dispensers with plea pre marked strings brings. That's amazing so join over three million happy customers and check everyone off your gift list right now with quip go to get quip dot com slash adventure. Save on Gift Sets and get your first refill free with a refill plan. That's your first refill free at get quip get Q. U. You I P dot com slash adventure get quip dot com slash adventure. Let's get back to the show and as you finish up your shopping trip Rainier and Buckminster back in and Buckminster says I yes if you're all all done shopping I think we might have a lead here Her towel that the owner of the mine is over the tavern. Here I I I feel like we should be following the hero and villain lead on this one but I said that's good impulse. Yes I'd follow that. Yes I stay with since we are technically really. You know your boss. Yeah Yeah So six of you head on over to the The the local tavern springs eternal. That's very good. Thank you now. Springs eternal is the local tavern. And it's run by you. You will know this. Everyone knows this by barb. The bartender now as you had in you notice that on a perch above the bar is is a spectral hawk Looking exactly like it's made of the same stuff as snippers snippets. Go see what that hawks all about and report back to me promptly knows note no sauce no boost snippers. You're on the clock okay. Snippers walks over. The Bar looks walks back and says I just as I suspected I still can't understand thing this thing says the I love you to speak with it. Greetings so who okay. What is is who else is with them? It's barbs familiar barb. DC So worry Nice Hawk. Oh well thank you very much. We are here on business. Yeah you're from the school. I'm not surprised and she starts and turned around at this point. She's still cleaning up the back bar area of why am I the one who is taking the lead on this thank Christ someone else pleasers proficiency discussing these people. This is actually a fair question. Travis the what is the. What is the dynamic vis-a-vis like agency between the Heroes Villains PSYCHICS? Henchman entrant like would they not take the lead in a situation like this general rule. Is that when it's in the beginning stages of a scouting adding trip or information gathering or anything like that. The sidekicks and hinge people go. I said that if there is any issue if there's any trouble with the low goals then Dan the heroes and villains can step in and chastise their psychics and hinge. People look like the good ones. I'm so it's plausible deniability at this point So a lot of the information a lot of the foot work is done by the workers. Okay come Bucci please straight up got that you don't know I suppose some MM sparkling Uber Martinez. Also out of the question. No we got that okay. One spackling Uber and she turns around straight up and kind of cocks her head at the side and peers through dark glasses and says yeah what what other way is there to drink sparkling your romantic come on and slides down the bar to you. I didn't actually know what your mattress was. When I ordered this I just thought it sounded elegant and I don't know you tell me Pretty earthy and it ain't cheap. It's five gold. Oh I'll have it for free and I gesture to my cloak. I'm an influence. Okay make I don't know a performance check influence or check influence or check. Would you not say I'm trying to persuade. Yeah persuasion check. That sounds great. That's a thirteen plus five eighteen. You should not have given me this fucking cloak. I realized that now. Ah I didn't realize I thought you was just one of them. Students from up at that Creepy School Chore. It's it's a slice of life blog. DOC that I do as a student. What's it called? It's called Sir. Fitzroy Maple Court night and ABC's good castles excellent adventure you. You could probably come up with like a more succinct way at doing that at least like seven words for the blog. I'm the influencers. All decide the title the data making a fucking wild assumption about how the Internet works. He bets to investigate a certain flow of flare up. A real Hullaballoo down at the mind year. I was expecting to send some you students down and I don't know how you do your weird stuff and fix it or whatever this is good. Sounds like you're not a big fan of are institutions that school cleaves the hell out of you. Kidding me fly. Why is it well? It's a big old castle sat between between terrifying forest and deadly chasm. They teach people how to be villains. There's haunted skeletons there. And just in general general. I don't trust them. They're teaching people how to do magic and stuff for money. It's weird and I don't like it. Sounds like the kind of people that would need a strong drink. NKANA pretty regular basis. I would say that's a pretty nice customer base for you all right. That doesn't mean I had to like what they do at the school. I appreciate the business. Ah I give business from the town you know what I mean like. Yeah the coin spins. That doesn't mean I'd trust anybody for that school. It's listen. I've been out there. They've shown shown people from the town around. I've seen.

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