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But ask yourself. Do. I have to make a piece of hardware to solve this problem on Israel. Existing hardware that I could put my technology myself for my services onto and not have to be in the hardware business. Yeah. That'd be a far more economically advantageous way to do it. And obviously, plenty of examples of that. Yeah. I mean just looking around here. I mean, there's any number of very generic smart locks. You can buy, and it seems like I don't know if I trust that vendor. Like, I've never heard of every year every year, we see a dozen new smart locks. It's yes. And then and then the next year half of them are gone, and there's a dozen new ones fallen you're the other half gone five years ago, I came here. And you know, there's like ten thousand MP three players or whatever it's like, you know, what you can take a a risk as a consumer. Later on a no-name media player like a year from now, if I company implodes the service that ran it dies the clouds. Someone doesn't pay the AWS Bill. Right. And I'm like well throw it in the trash like move on if your life when you're building infrastructure in our home. It seems like the bigger players are just going to have the entrenched consumer trust that they're going to continue to be there is that something that you had to fight against something you have to build like, how do you do people even care is that just my instinct, and so the on one thing for certain is that as we add more and more smart devices to our home that does mean more things for us to maintain. Right. We're busy in and having to like, you know, maintain all this stuff can can be quite a challenge in lesson. You want to do is put stuff in your home that is going to stop working right because the cloud service behind it is shutdown and we see this over. And I mean, this is story that we do regularly like we all things stops working because company was acquired in cloud server shutdown. I think those those of us that are gadget gigs. You know, we all have drawers, right? You take it to Salvation Army. They don't want it. I think some of the things that both Amazon Google trying to Seoul for is is cloud services that that could potentially stay persistent potentially. Right. They haven't totally solved that yet. But but certainly Apple's done that with home kit. Right. That is one of the that is one of the magic things about home kid devices is is because it doesn't require a cloud service operated by the company or an app, you could you could install up say a home kit thermostat, and and that company could disappear, but the the apple home app with still in theory be able to talk to that thermostat and still have it be able to continue operating, and that is one of the ways to think about making your product selection is how is this thing gonna persist? I was the last summer time. Yes. So you obviously, operate a cloud service. We do I look at every other vendor. I bide I'm a sucker for smart outlets. Like so easy way to like just gauge inconsistent. I've every brand is smart outlets. Always like well your app sucks. This one. Slow should it. Should it be should look like that for the consumer that you have a different app for every little devising house? Then is a cloud service user account that then talks to your Google county Amazon account, or whatever or are we actually moving towards that sort of storied place where you have one sort of like middleware solution that just talks ever like smart thing. I think there's always gonna be things that that that particular vendors app. Does nothing else can do right. Like from the August, outdoor some very specific features and functionality there, but but honestly, many August in in Yale lock users can can use the Alexa app or they can use the apple home app or they can use you know, they they can use a smart things out and do a lot of their basic functionality. That means that they maybe they don't open the aug app, very often. All and I think that's fine..

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