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Best team for the regular season but that doesn't count for anything in the next season the north is not enough for this franchise is he's facing up to about all we know the bottom line is you know it's something that is far away to try to slow down I held a job to be surprised because you give Paul for him again one of those the ravens Titans Baltimore if these top seed a Tennessee fresh off the win in Foxborough Saturday night the kick off the night eight fifteen eastern Jeff Dickerson thinks this though we'll be over early you win the game by playing great defense by controlling the clock by controlling time of possession line of scrimmage well you're not going to do that if the ravens go offer to early touchdown so ill it's a dangerous matchup it's a bad match up for the Titans they have the ability to keep this close and stay in there but I I just look no one has stopped the mark Jackson no one has an until I see it I'm just not going to believe it so I I respect Tennessee I know the ravens respect Tennessee but I also have the feeling that the ravens thank if they go out there and execute properly tomorrow this game could be over by halftime unless we not forget Derrick Henry what he did to the patriots in the Titan's ability to shorten the game to baseball Mookie Betts now is the largest one year salary for an arbitration eligible player the red Sox avoiding it accepting twenty seven million dollar deal did the outfielder twenty topping the twenty six million dollar deal Nolan or not just got last winter in Colorado Betsy to ninety five twenty nine long balls AT knocked into the Bo Sox last year cubs avoid arbitration Kris Bryant he gets eighteen point six million the grammar does not settled in his in the players unions on going grievance regarding his service time and print Siskel indoor with the Indians about seventeen point five million we size up the college football national championship on the other end with a host of different takes including college football insider Phil Steele that's next this is ESPN radio.

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