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Well, you probably heard the little jingle there. You know, you wondering why holding court which you know, is a little bit of familiar music. That's show crow famous singer songwriter. Shell is going to be our guest for a few minutes when talk about her career low bit challenges of being an early pioneer in the producing world. Former high school track star and her battles with with breast cancer. And then some some ramblings from myself. It's all of you my opinion. And if you don't like it off, it's my show. So hope you enjoy since your famous former track athlete. Yes. I really love the sport. Since your famous track athlete. But low hurdles. Yes. The lower so long ago that it the raises were measured in yards. Not meters. How about that? That's how how long ago it was. What made you what made you what made you pick that? Or did it pick? You how did that happen? Oh, you know what I was. I was a kid and and still. Never enjoy going to gym and working out or getting in a car driving to the I love sports. I love the sport of sport. I love the competition. And I was Bill. To run. I was skinny kid was really long way. And I'm still asking person long leg. That's just not a kid, and I just I just like being out and nature and the sunshine and running it's like, tennis, and swimming, and I love water store than so track is an obvious. May I always ran as a kid, and how that he wasn't sporting sports that wanted to participate, and we didn't have chemo basketball team didn't have soccer or anything like that. So tennis and track were kind of the thing. The Bank sports. So I loved it. And I could run fast, but I could also leap so I've gotta say to hurdles. Whenever you didn't win where you pissed. Yeah. Absolutely. It was motivation to work harder. And actually, you know that has really through Serbia well in my career, you know, every time I feel like I have a a mediocre. So I, you know, the next time I walked at a state, it's more prepared than ever. And it is it is it served me. Well. What you know? I think the the average person out there that doesn't understand female a female mentality in terms of competition. In the past would always assume that. Just by nature. They would not be as competitive as as men, and I've learned over my all the times that I've coached that. There's a certain side of women that is way more competitive Dement. Have you seen that? Yeah. And you know, it's interesting to watch, you know, and I'm also feel where women really have to fight through their position and not necessarily competing with each other. But it just competing with more in sports. I think there is a in most women there is this feeling and a commitment and just an underlying motivations to be the best that we can be. But also to be better than we were the last time we did what we were doing. And that's something. I think that is. It's it's you it's not necessarily unique to women. But it's definitely a great asset to have in, you know, in any area, whether it's a business or sports, and that to you know, to to weigh yourself against yourself. And and and it certainly creates I it creates a great motivation. I think I know it's great to be the person that you're running alongside. But it's also great to better your time as yourself for. When you when you got into the to the music business. You know, it's not all it's not all peaches and cream and. There were there were setbacks in there were. Times when you had the really like you said when you were an athlete you have to fight back, and you go how bad do I want this? What am I willing to do to get this? You know, I I actually talked to young people that they can it is different. Now, obviously fame was not a giant motivating motivating factor. When I got started not like it is now where it, you know, you're you're one of a brand than you are an artist. I always tell kids that you. Being a musician is sort of like being an athlete you have to work at it. And you have to take take pro..

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