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You're the shined from your dome on the light in and of course Zeus you know always Enjoyed a see your work in progress. Dome that you're asked for one. And plus the cats climbing up on the blinds behind. You know this is going to be a great journey. I i really appreciate you know. Being part of it being asked to be part of it being a part of the planning of this and look forward to the feedback from all the listeners that do take part in checking this out so thanks again guys. Thanks for the invite look for to the homework assignment that was given to us by go find the the bootleg and look forward to catching up in the near future. It's going to be a great time here. We zeppelin is a passion for all of us. As you've heard wrote this episode of we're thrilled to kick this off. Finally i'm proud that we have finally started this. It's been a long conversation. Get going and it's here. So jay murph. Zeus can't wait to keep going. Thank you tom going to echo that. You're all along people. We've been talking about doing this and it's here so a virtual high five to all of you. Thank you for all to all the listeners. Out there army loud casters. Zep fans everybody. Peace out girl scout. You've got the latest gem queued up the sound system cranked. But you're missing that extra element. Take all the way to eleven. listening to. Music is only half the journey our senses mingled to create unforgettable moments on the atwood magazine podcast tunes and tumblers. We dive headfirst into that concept by pairing new and classic albums with original craft cocktail recipes. We invite listeners. to bring out their inter mixologist. as we explore the music we love from a unique immersive an thoroughly delicious perspective. My name is anthony. And i host tunes and tumblers alongside my invaluable crew pager your mixologist and ryan your music connoisseur. Over the past three years we've spoken to artists across the spectrum in toasted their music with cocktails. You won't find any bar menu. Rappers open mike eagle and how do the nomad indie pop superstars the aces and tessa violet. Talented multi instrumentalists known bay and tau win of tau in the get down. Stay down have all taken. The hot seat i roster gets bigger and better with each episode and like every good conversation it gets deeper with every round. Join us on this intoxicating journey through the records. We love raising a glass to each wherever you get your podcasts. And don't forget to drink. Responsibly cheers cheers.

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