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If you have been listening to the podcast for any length of time, or you're a member of the vis a millennial live Facebook group, you've probably picked up on I like things with twists and turns and a little bit of scandal and cover up an intrigue by specifically like that about this program. But when I really like is the timing very few programs are set in the early eighties and based on my age. I remember the early eighties. I remember Ronald Reagan being president. I remember the Soviet Union. And it's ironic to me because I do feel like as a young adult. There was a real low in what we heard about Russia after the Soviet Union broke up and now in current day politics, obviously, we hear about Russia a tremendous amount. So. Having a show that is in some ways very timely in that it has this Russian connection. But also very historic in that it goes back to a period of our lives that let's be honest millennials. Don't remember it's really nice to see that. And to see some of the cultural references, I enjoy things honestly as small as some of the clothing that's warned the cars that are driven just things that you really don't see that much of on film or on TV these days. My one criticism is so minor. But I've got to say it, the main female lead is played by Keri Russell. And she does a great job. This is not a criticism of her. The criticism is one that I may be wrong about, but I'm just going to say because I pay attention to hair her hair in this program is not an eighties hairstyle. And I don't know who made that decision. It's one I can totally live with her next door neighbor the FBI agents why she has totally an eighties hairdo. It's the feathered faira faucet. Type look which I don't know maybe a little bit more. Late seventies than it is early eighties. Maybe she was lagging a little bit behind in her hair fashion sense that Keri Russell in this program has this beautiful long flowing Brown hair that she wears every day. And again, she looks beautiful. I love her as an actress in this program. She's so convincing as this passionate Soviet KGB spy, but her hair is not an eighties hairstyle. And with that you have reached the end of this episode of this unbelievable life. Thank you so much for tuning in for downloading infra shearing this podcast with a friend the this. I'm lineal live podcast Facebook group grows every week. And so many times when people joined they tell me that they heard about it from a friend, and I'm appreciative of each and every one of.

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