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I mean, Harris is one of those guys that doesn't really jump off the page at you or jump off the screen at u either one. I mean his numbers on blow. You away is athletes, isn't doesn't blow you away. But he's he's very consistent. And I think what you really seven first of all he seems just from from everything that I've been exposed to to have have great character. Which is not just you know, someone who's going to represent the team. Really, well, but I think he's gonna be asset in the locker room wherever he goes. But I think you you saw from his sophomore year to his junior year, the work that he put in order to get faster, and you always had good, you know, running ability of but he was lacking breakaway speed. And I I still wouldn't say he's a speedster. But I think it was a noticeable difference in his ability to make long runs in his last two seasons because some of the work. That he had put in in order to get past or in order to lose a little bit of weight. And and do that he is a I would say is probably an above average receiver for running back. I don't know that I would put him in Josh Jacobs category. As a as a receiving back. But but I think he solid in that area. And I mean, he's one of those guys just strikes me as as being a just a second option. I I don't see Damian Harris as a you know, as a a primary back who's gonna be getting the bulk of the carries. But I do see him as a guy who could have a long career, just you know, being able to, you know, take a few carries here catch a few passes there. Now, that's kind of that's kind of what he looks like to me, not not not a real big guy. So like I said there's nothing about as measurable. It's gonna jump off the page at that just say, he's he's solid. So let me tell you. What's happened in the last week or so so? I talked to Jim Brandstatter, the voice of the Michigan wolverines just last night. And he's pretty optimistic Michigan for this upcoming season based on schedule. What do you think? Yeah. Look so so last year, the the playoff predict or kind of raised some eyebrows when it had Notre Dame going into the season the team fourth most likely to make the playoffs, and and you can say got lucky whatever you wanna say that was pretty good way to debut. It was Clemson Alabama Notre Dame at four, and then I believe Oklahoma was number seven seven most likely to make the playoffs. So it didn't did pretty well the first year and now Michigan is is third most likely to make the playoffs behind Clemson and Alabama again. And look I get it that there were a lot of people going into the game last year saying if Michigan can't beat oh has this year. I don't know when they're going to do it because it did feel like going into that that all of the advantages were to Michigan. And we saw what happened on the field. And I know it it. It sounds strange to say the same thing again a few months later, but I think once. Kind of take a step back. And you look at the way everything played out. I I would say it's it's still true. Which is that if Michigan can't beat Ohio State this year. I don't know when they're going to do it because that is the one game on the schedule that you still have to just question because of the the recent history in that series, and yet we have to acknowledge Ohio State lost a first ballot hall of fame coach, and they're replacing him with a guy who has three games head coaching experience. They lost the starting quarterback who put up one of the best seasons in the history of the big ten and they're replacing them with a guy. Who's never started a college football game. And on top of that Ohio State goes to Michigan. And so having that game in Ann Arbor along with like, you mentioned the rest of the schedule the way it lays out with the with with Notre Dame. Also coming their this is their chance. And I you know, I sure they got a lot of really good players replace on defense. But I I think their offense should be really good. And I I'm a little uneasy as to how much more the playoff or how much the playoff predictor likes Michigan more than Ohio State. I would think that like in my mind, there are a lot closer than that. But but yeah, Michigan is is is very clear favourite to win the big ten according to our metrics. I don't know that there's clear cut in my mind. But there's a lot of stuff to like about Michigan. Look if if if the Ohio State series had not been what it has been over the last ten plus years. I. I don't think we'd be looking at Michigan the same way. But I just think there's this reluctance to to believe or skepticism, you know, as far as them actually winning that last game when it when it finally gets there. And lastly talked to Ryan Harris, the radio voice of the Notre Dame fighting Irish on the radio side. And he I went to the spring game this past weekend. And so optimism there as well. With Notre Dame a good feeling feeling that a lot of people around their feeling that they can take another step this year. What do you think? Yeah. I mean, certainly they gotta be excited coming off of last year. And, you know, having some good pieces back now, this is this is where the schedule becomes an issue because last year that schedule was pretty friendly. And look, you never know. They're always times that we look at these schedules for season starts, you know, like, okay. That's an easy win. That's an easy win that one will be a tough one. And then some of the teams that we thought were going to be good or not. And some of the teams that we thought would be kinda average in being good. So you you never know this for sure, but as we sit here in April at Georgia and at Michigan. That's the ask Stanford shouldn't be a piece of cake either at the end. And so with those three games on the road. I think it's tough to get too excited about Notre Dame chance of getting back to the playoff because I mean, let's let's be realistic. They're not getting in with two loss, especially I mean, no one's gotten in the playoff to office yet. But to get in with two losses and not be a conference champion, which Notre Dame. Obviously can't be it seems almost impossible. So they're going to have to win two of those three games to even have a chance. And I think you know, depending on the year and how things play out elsewhere. I don't even know that a one loss Notre Dame is a lock I know that people who follow the sport for a long time. So there's no way. Committee league at a one loss Notre Dame. I don't know. I mean, you put him up against a one loss team. That's a conference champion if it comes down to that for the last spot. I I don't think it's slammed down. And so you look at the the rest of that schedule. There aren't aren't a lotta aren't a lot of top twenty five teams on their based on. What what I think, you know, some of these are going to be I mean outside of those games. So so to me, that's what it really comes down to especially Georgia Michigan. They're going to have to find a way to win one of those two games in a hostile environment. And they can't do that they'll end up having a good season. But it'll be disappointing compared to last year. Well, you heard it here here. I folks Brennan words tapping down the expectations for the funny. Well, I tell you what you of all people know, you don't just you just you don't just walk in between the hedges and roll you're helping out there and think you're going to come out with a victory, right? Well, I'd see that's one loss for sure there's no way. Coming after the victory. That's not happening. I just thought that Michigan and Stanford. It'll be interesting. But I if if it's one loss if that's going to be the one if they run the table the rest of the way good for them. But if one loss is not good enough for them to get into the final four. Then this is what this is what you deal with. I mean, it was bad enough that you had sixty percent Georgia fans in south been the last time these two met and now them going to happen. That's going to be an uphill climb for sure. Yeah. Yeah. I I I love these games. And you know, Notre Dame being an independent, can you know can play several of them in a year. But it's college football fans, we love to see these teams that you don't normally see on the field together. And this'll be a this'll be five win as always Brad. I appreciate your time. We'll talk in the fall. All right. Sounds good. Jonathon, take care. Thank you Ren Edwards with us as we talk about the NFL draft and college football under the hood would Jonathan hood. Jonathan hood. The tool through meditation..

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