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Very and so that's where i started with performing arts i auditioned for the choir and was accepted and we had a very good choir instructor free to edmund he was the black lady and she was really serious about her choir and i stayed in that and i was in a like an s p class that was in the choir so i stayed in knack for from sixth grade to eighth grade we didn't formative and that's really where i got my taste of the poison you the liquor as i would call it good that is where you start hearing that where because he didn't have transistor radios and stuff back where you're going to some of the park stuff or running some people's party's how did you start getting flavor well the where did hip hop was not there as we know it it didn't even right burr not as we were listening to james brown you know all those records that never inevitably became part of the hip hop culture we were listening to the records dame's around with a huge thing for us i mean i was a big beatles fan as well but we were just listening to those records and dancing wasn't a breaking with no mc with no real park jams as we know them today grow so you know we would have performances my parents would always come and it was the big thing for us you know we learnt how we were locally trained and singing was a huge thing for us so when i got to the eighth grade and of course i was graduating we had to decide what high schools we were going to and in evidently ended up going to harry truman high school in coop city which had just been built at the time while.

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