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The news that she knew he had a strong interest in violent ideology but never reported it to the authority there is nothing I could have gone to the authorities west because he didn't have any concrete plans you can't you can't arrest someone for wanting some Dayton isn't the only recent mass shooting to draw the attention of federal investigators FBI announcing its opening a full domestic terror investigation into the garlic festival shooting in California we have seen a fractured ideology the shooter appear to have an interest in varying competing violent ideologies San Francisco special agent in charge John Bennett says federal investigators don't have a motive yet but found evidence the alleged gunman had a target lists and Tino llegan the alleged shooter shot by officers on scene and autopsy report determined llegan died by a self inflicted gunshot wound Michelle Franzen ABC news residential confirming on tour to help go to el Paso tomorrow where a gunman killed twenty two people at a Walmart as well as state and to meet with first responders and some of the mass shooting victims a federal judge this three abortion restriction she blocked from taking effect in Arkansas will remain on hold while she considers a lawsuit challenging them the American civil liberties union has filed suit against the trump administration's expansion of deportation power saying they violate constitutional rights and could lead to the deportation of U. S. citizens last month the trump administration announce that agents can now deported migrants without requiring them to appear before judges your listening to ABC news Sony's.

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