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Hit music station one of 75 days. E l a pandemic. Nobody knows you're underage, or at least I don't have Tio. That is exactly what teens are doing right now. They're dressing up. As Grandma's wig, maybe some sort of hat or head covering older clothes. And face mask to cover their faces covered their faces going in and buying alcohol. They have a fake. I d can't ask him to take off the mask in the store. Oh, man, So that's what's happening. You guys grew up in the wrong generation now. Katie, How would you get free alcohol out back in the day when you're underage. You ever did that? But if you told me that when I wasn't stealing beer off the back deck of my own house from a disgusting, dirty cooler. My parents had a lot of parties in the dorms. We always had a friend, our friend Eric. You had a really great fake I d and Heywood just every single Thursday or Friday, come into our dorm room and take our order and then go to the liquor store and rely only thing we had to do was drive them because he didn't have his own car on campus. What our girlfriends did, and he would come out of that liquor store with, like, two full carts of liquor. Holy cow wouldn't leave one of our high school. Did you not do it in high school and high school was the site was feeling you know, we're taking Take borrowing from our parent or parents would go out of town and then You know, we'd have somebody who had a fake I d and bring all the alcohol to a friend's house or whatever. Yeah, shockingly easier than anybody likes to admit. I mean, it's true. No, no, I didn't drink going on, and I don't like now, but my friends they never had trouble getting. You always had it. You'd have to ask. Ah, Jason Goodman. I know that your shady How'd you do that with your team? I've since probably ninth grade every single week with some kind of way of trying to get alcohol through 21 it was like, Katie said. There was always a liquor store back when I lived in a remote island so they didn't have to get beer. You had to go to a liquor store because it was privately owned, and there was always the liquor store that Was known for letting fake I d slide or not carding. That was the biggest thing ever. But I remember specifically one time me and my friend went to Las Vegas with our parents, and we had a separate room. Wow. How trusting Right next door right next door, and we're only like 17 or 18 years old as we couldn't do, Jack Vegas off anything. So we were upset that we We didn't have alcohol. So we were trying to come up with a plan of how to get alcohol. So what I did thought Wass. Brian You my friend Bryan Carr. Right? You go in the shower for first And last time you go in the shower and turned the water on to stay in the bathroom, But leave. He had apparently had a night that we had like. Be a little bit dressy to go out to eat with her parents went down. He had a nice pair of dress pants, pants, slacks, left it on the bank with pleats, and I said I'm going to call room service and order order a bottle of vodka, which was, by the way took all our money cause one bottle of vodka at the hotel was would normally be like $25 Like $100. Jeez, when your kids anything is worth a.

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